Saturday, May 9, 2015

TNA Impact 5-8-15 Rundown

Loved the EC3-Anderson match. It was short, but each guy looked great with EC3's delayed backdrop being really impressive. MVP-Drew was fine. Could've done without MVP's race-baiting promo beforehand. LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE STORM-MICKIE-MAGNUS ANGLE! Dollhouse vs. Gail/Kong was fun. Boy does Robert Irvine ever look like Batista. The Wolves/Dirty Heels promo was great and I liked Drew trying to get Matt into his group.

Great segment with Angelina and Velvet too. I initially feared a Winter 2.0 bit with Velvet being stoic, but they've played it off as her just being selectively nuts when provoked. EY vs. Kurt was excellent and I loved that they didn't do the obvious thing and have Bully turn heel. Instead, he was fair and actually did what he said he'd do. This might've been the best Impact on DA - everything about it was either really good or was really good and built up the future.

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