Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NXT 2-3-16

Generic intro leads to the Vaudevillains and their evil theme playing. They're here to face THE HYPE BROS!? Oh lord. Mojo gets a crucifix and a crossbody. Corey compares him to Alf and then Slimer, begging someone to call Peter Venkman. Ryder comes in and English prevents a Broski Boot. Whirling Dervish hits for the win. Human Friend interviews Carmella and talks about her father being a WWE wrestler - and we see him as a jobber. Next week, she'll face Bayley at the CFE Arena and we see them as friends on Twitter and Breaking Ground. Carmella's accent sounds more British tonight than NYC. She'll face Emma tonight, and Balor-Crews is the main event. "The Mechanic" and "The Powder Keg" cut a promo on Enzo and Cass. They want another match with them, but the result will be the same - and they'll ask how they doin.

Carmella comes down to face Emma, in new and hotter blue and white gear. Great exchanges from Corey and Tom here. "She's dropped unceremoniously on her face!" "Is there a ceremonious way to be dropped on your face?" "No, it's just a turn of phrase." Carmella gets an awful monkey flip before Emma dominates more and Carmella jumps up for a shoulderblock before it hits. Backslide wins for Carmella. Replay of the finish last week. Joe scares an interview person.

Enzo and Cass come down to face jobbers. Singalong promo before an intense one about how if they had a dime for every time they stayed down, THEY'D HAVE ZERO DIMES. Tonight, they're standing tall with lint in their pockets cuz they got no change and they're hard bodied. The jobbers appear out of thin air here. Cass biels a red-trunked jobber to the floor and a Rocket launcher wins.

Crews is asked if he is prepared and he says that months ago, he could have been champ - and he knows he can be NXT Champion. Regal says that he's watched the finish over and over - and he'll make a rematch. He's interrupted by Baron, and says that Baron lost clearly - so he's out of any rematch. Zayn vs. Joe will be rematched and the winner faces Balor. ASUKA AND HER AMAZING ROBE COME DOWN! She's facing Santana Garrett - formerly TNA's Brittany, and easily the biggest indy star to act as a female jobber on NXT as she holds a billion women's titles.

They start with a collar and elbow before Garrett goes for FOREARMS. Bad move. A slap just pisses her off more, and when Garrett turns her back, she eats a hip attack. Big kicks to a kneeling Garrett. Garrett avoids a shining wizard and gets a cradle before getting 2 off a floatover Russian Legsweep. Wacky standing armbar out of Firepro Returns by Garrett before Asuka locks on an ankle lock. FLYING ARMBAR! Garrett avoids that, but the Asuka Lock is on and that's it. Super-short, but great match.
A very short man interviews Balor. Crews comes out to a polite applause. Finn debuts new black and white FINN FINN FINN trunks and kneepads. Not his best look. Not sure why it isn't just the Balor Club logo, which would at least be kinda cool. Since this is a battle of respect and not for the title, they bring up that Crews winning could still throw a wrench into the works for the title picture since he will have a clear victory over the champion. Basic wrestling to start, with Finn winning out with a side headlock on the mat.

Big dropkick gives Balor a slight edge for 1. Crews gets a Stinger splash and a big flying lariat on the apron! Finn sends him to the floor for a flip dive. Double stomp to the back of the head gets 2 for Balor. Fallaway Samoan drop gets 2 for Crews. Slingblade by Balor, but Crew boots him. Press slam into the moonsault gets 2.5. Shotgun dropkick after another Slingblade, the double stomp, and the BLOODY SUNDAY gets the win. It's a super-safe version of it, but it's over - so keep doing it as a finish. Pretty fun episode of the show with two good-to-great matches.

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