Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WWE NXT 2-10-16 - Bayley vs. Carmella

We get a Bayley-Carmella video package stating that BESTIES WILL GO HEAD TO HEAD FOR THE NXT WOMEN'S TITLE! They're hailing from the UCF Arena tonight, and Baron Von Sad Tummy is in the opener. I dig his vest. He's here to face JOHNNY GARGANO! This should be fun. Johnny lands some quick jabs while loud "Johnny Wrestling!" chants break out. Big chop by Johnny, but he's tossed into the corner by Baron. Johnny rains corner punches from the mount, but is felled by one big right hook. Baron runs wild with kicks in the corner. Big cobra clutch by Baron - I like it since he's so big and it looks more powerful with him doing it. Baron's hair situation looks truly dire during the sleeper hold spot. Johnny gets an apron-to-ring spear and gets 1! Deep Six/Back suplex into a Bossman slam hits. Baron eats a superkick and kicks out at 2.5. They brawl on the floor a bit, but Baron has time to recover and wins with the End of Days. This was really fun.
Triple threat recap video. Sami says he doesn't know what will happen when he faces Joe, but he's looking forward to their first-ever match. Super-sad Vaudevillains video rules. Hype Bros. come out to face Hollis and Skyler.  H and S actually get a surprising amount of offense, but Mojo runs wild and they hit the Hype Ryder for the win. Bayley says the only thing harder than winning the title is keeping it, but she's not ready to lose it yet. Eva and her shiny gold bodysuit in that Fastlane ad are just fine by me.
Alexa, Blake, and Murphy are out for a Bliss match. Holy God is Alexa's outfit great. I think her shorts are shorter. Bliss eliminated Cameron, leading to this match. We get a really long tie-up spot. Cameron "lands" a bad flying lariat that Alexa sells. Cameron "lands" a sliding kick that goes underneath Alexa. Jesus. Shotgun knees to the back actually hit. Alexa snaps the neck on the rope and gets some punches for 2. Great bit where Alexa stands on her like a surfboard and stomps her face into the mat a ton.

Alexa goes for, and gets high fives from the boys after that one. Alexa goes into the corner and eats a sloppy facebuster. Cameron gets 2 off a flipping neckbreaker. Bliss botches her backflip moonsault kneedrop deal. Sparkle Splash wins. This was about as hot a match as it was sloppy. Cool  hype video for NXT merch makes it seem like stuff you should want to own. They also have some pretty slick versions of logos that would work great as wallpapers if there wasn't an NXT bug in the top-right of the screen.

Enzo and Cass cut a promo on the Mechanics, with 'zo having a goofy hairdo. American Alpha says it's 2016, and it's their year. Then they have a wacky babyface convo about how each team was facing heels next week. THE DRIFTER comes out to kill the crowd. He faces Jesse Sorenson, and boy is it surprising to see him in NXT so much given his neck. He wins with his moves and we get some neat shots of him with his guitar after the match. Balor-Crews II recap, and somehow, him hitting ANOTHER MOVE AFTER THE COUP DE GRACE was a show of respect. Bayley vs. Carmella is next!
Carmella does her watered-down Enzo intro to light applause while THE CROWD LOVES BAYLEY! They won't stop chanting for her, and even Carmella is clapping for her. A spotlight falls on the competitors, and that's something they should do more of because it makes the main event seem more special. The match STARTS WITH A HUG. I love it. They exchange headlocks and Bayley gets an armbar and in a great bit, claps using Carmella's hand while the crowd claps. Blind dive armdrag hits, but Carmella gets an atomic drop and they mirror each other with dropkicks. The crowd chants "fuck her up Bayley, fuck her up!" Flying corner lariat by Bayley leads to a sliding lariat and a flying kneedrop.

After a break, Carmella gets a Thesz press and a sloppy rana out of the corner. Bayley recovers with corner elbows. Davey Boy powerslam out of the corner gets 2 for Bayley. Bayley gets shoved off the ropes onto the apron and then onto the floor. Ouch! Big suicide dive by Carmella to Bayley! Goofy distracting Network plugs air on the lower-thirds, and CARMELLA HITS A SECOND DIVE FOR 2. Bronco Buster hits and she gets the faceplant, but Bayley jackknifes her for 2. Carmella gets a tight sunset flip for 2, but Bayley reverses for 3! This was pretty good - a bit sloppy, but exciting. Bayley picks her up and they hug!

Eva and Nia attack Carmella and Nia headbutts Bayley down. Eva sets Carmella up for legdrop and lands bad kicks while a "you can't wrestle" chant breaks out, but then ASUKA COMES DOWN AND STARES! An "Asuka's Gonna Kill You!" chant breaks out and Eva leaves with Nia. Asuka GLARES AT BAYLEY and a giant "yes" chant breaks out. Asuka taps the title a couple of time and smiles. Joe cuts a promo on Zayn saying he'll beat him and be the next champion.

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