Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WWE NXT 2-17-16

Sami's return is chronicled, while Joe being a badass starts the show off. The crowd pan shows FANS IN ASCENSION SHIRTS. Enzo and Cass come out, and damn does Enzo have the charisma of 20 men. American Alpha comes out in what can only be described at Marty Jannetty's '93 getup in singlet form. I don't know what happened to the BAMF guy in just trunks, but he's got a gut and no physique to speak of now. Mechanics have new red gear and clank their belts together. Everyone just kinda brawls for a bit. Luckily, this isn't Impact - so it didn't last 75 minutes. Dawson hits a big running elbow to Gable. Dash hits a European uppercut for 2. FANTASTIC stuff with all the faces just hitting shit on the heels before Jordan hits a slick overhead belly to belly holding Dawson. The assisted back suplex only gets 2 due to Dash, but the Rocket Launcher wins. This was super-fun.

Ferrari Logo chick talks to a generic human before Dana and Emma interrupt. Emma comparing herself and Dana's losses to Asuka to Michael Jordan having an off day ruled. Asuka's gonna kill Ferrari Logo chick! Asuka kicks her left leg out, leaving her back open on the mat for MORE KICKS. Flying kneebar by Asuka, but Dionna gets the ropes. Big forearms, but A SLAP PISSES ASUKA OFF! A BEATING IS A TRANSPIRING! Big kick to the ribs. Ankle lock! ANKLE TRAP GERMAN FOR 2. Backfist series and a spinkick of death wins it.

Bayley-Carmella recap. Eva and her black and red lipstick talked smack to Asuka. Tye is out to face Alex Riley. Graves says he's so glad that Riley's back in the ring because it means he's away from the desk. Well, he was pretty awful. Riley looks like a knockoff HHH you'd see in Five Star Wrestling - or an English language version of Firepro. Graves says that Riley looks like a guy who is bitter over a bad Uber ride. Human Friend talks about how Riley is angry that fans care about Sami and others, but not him. He didn't even know Riley was in the building when he returned - ouch. Tye gets a wonky cradle for the win.

Balor says that Sami knows what it takes to be champion, and whoever wins tonight, he'll face them and win. Baron threatens Regal in a very dark office - Regal looks shocked and terrified. American Alpha faces Blake and Murphy next week, while Bayley and Carmella face Eva and Nia. Joe comes out to face Sami. Basic matwork leads to Joe slapping him when they stand. Joe rushes him, but gets low-bridged. The Edge and Christian Show ad mocking how bad the show is amuses me. Joe lands some kicks to the legs, but Sami fights back with punches and forearms. Big European uppercut against the ropes makes Zayn rubber-armed. He's limp against the ropes and eats slaps - I dig this.

Joe as a bully and Sami as a face in peril are just perfect. Sami lands a big lariat when Joe rushes after him. HUGE lariat from Sami! Joe rains elbows to the neck to avoid the Blue Thunder Bomb - but he goes for it again and hits for 2! Joe rains down punches and gets 2 off a snap slam. CORNER EXPLODER BY SAMI! Helluva kick countered into the clutch, but Sami goes for the ropes - so Joe drags him into the ropes to keep it locked on. Joe goes for the muscle buster, but Sami flips out and hits the Helluva kick for the win - but he covers him in such a way that Joe's hand is on Sami's body, and Sami's shoulders are down. It's the old HBK-HHH finish, but it works. Regal wants to know who win, and Drake Younger makes it a draw. This was a great little match that set up a rematch perfectly.

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