Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WWE NXT 2-24-16

American Alpha come out with a new black based green, blue, and pink READY WILLING AND GABLE towel. A STAR IS ALEXA BLISS and her two guys come out to face them. Gable starts things off with Murphy - the guy with long tights. Gable outwrestles him with ease on the mat. Jordan tags in and rolls around with him a bit before tagging Gable back in to do some more ground-based armwork. TAKEDOWN CHAIN BY GABLE! VINTAGE FLYING HEADSCISSORS leads to Graves saying he's going all Ricky Morton on everyone. The wacky neon headband on Gable works for him. More RNR offense with a double dropkick for an ad break. DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS FOR A 2. More armwork, but Murphy gets a slight edge. Jordan gets a hot tag and it's time for suplex city! Pop-op back suplex gets the win!

Joe-Zayn recap. Regal says that Sami faces Joe in a 2/3 falls match to determine a number one contender. Next week, a big new talent will debut. Bayley and Carmella face Eva and Nia in the main event, but first, Crews is in action. He'll face Christopher Gerard. Crews can't quite get a suplex, and the crowd just dies. Gerard lands some nice forearms and a sliding European uppercut after a battle cry for 2. And endless chinlock isn't helping this match. Tackle and some awful punches hit for Crews. Stinger splash hits and leads to a leaping sitout lariat. Gerard hops over, but slips and eats an enzuiguri on the apron. Atomic whip powerbomb wins.

 Bayley and Carmella chat a bit about getting payback on Eva and Nia. Ciampa faces Bull Dempsey next. It's a ProWrestlingTees spectacular! They talk about Bull Fit having 15 stages, and Bull's only on about stage 8 1/2 before they mock him for his short shirt that he can't get off. Bull gets a pop GETTING A SHIRT OFF HIS BODY. Test of strength leads to JUMPING JACKS! GOD WHY DID THEY FIRE THIS MAN. This pure gimmick rules. Ciampa lands a flying divorce court. Ciampa lands some knees to the back, but HE CAN'T MOVE BULL - HE'S TOO FAT. "Nuclear reactors don't have cores that strong!" Thank God Graves got out of the ring before concussions ruined him at a young age. Great high knee strike by Ciampa gets 2. Bull fights back with some Dusty punches while he has a dusty polka dot on his gear. Ciampa gets the bridging armbar for the win. Ciampa mocks him with jumping jacks. God, I loved this thing. Kind of a pedestrian show until now, but this ruled.

Samoa Joe promo! He's intense, he's been ripped off and screwed over since day one, and he's gunning for the gold. Sami says he's ready for 2/3 and he has tunnel vision on becoming the first-ever two-time NXT Champion. Nia comes out first, followed by super-hot Eva. Corey is the world's biggest Eva fan, and overjoyed to see her and her outfit on his birthday. Carmella comes out followed by IT'S BAYLEY! Carmella Thesz presses Eva and lands punches. Bayley is tagged and they double suplex Eva for 2 before Nia gets tagged in.

Nia headbutts her down. Eva comes in and eats a drop toehold before Carmella comes in again. Carmella and Bayley do the Staten Island shuffle deal. Nia blind tags herself in and lands a shoulderbreaker on Carmella. Eva poses, but that costs her as Carmella gets 2 off a schoolboy. Nia comes in and bearhugs her. Eva comes in with her awful corner stomps. I wouldn't say she's stomping a mudhole and walking it dry - more like stomping a small pudding cup. Nia comes in and misses a shoulder charge sending her to the floor. Bayley runs wild on Eva. Carmella comes in and gets her headcissors submission, but Nia makes the save. Nia drags Eva over, tags herself in and Nia legdrops Carmella three times, but Eva tags in to win. Regal and Balor are backstage and Regal says that Finn's reign is among the longest of NXT history - wow, like three years. Regal makes Balor vs. Neville in a battle of the two longest-reigning NXT Champions. Hey, it's logical and simple - I dig it.

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