Sunday, October 23, 2016

ECW on TNN Episode 1 - 8-27-99

It's been eons since I've seen ECW, and this show starts with the Dudleys powerbombing Balls through a flaming table while Joey says THIS ISN'T THE WWF OR WCW. Well, he's not wrong. RVD vs. Lynn from Hardcore Heaven airs. The redone commentary puts over this kind of action being on the show every week. Clips of Shane Douglas throwing down the NWA World Title in '94 are shown. Man did Shane age a decade in 5 years. This puts over the ECW World Title and leads to Joey running through clips of famous WCW/WWF guys who held it and we go to Taz vs. Rhino.

Rhino powerbombs him, Taz no-sells it, flips him off and tells him to fuck off. Taz kicks his ass, hits the hardway Tazplex through the table in the corner and taps him with the Tazmission before a KISS knockoff hits. Sabu highlight video talks about him being banned in the U.S. Spike beats Sal E. Jason, Justin, Lance, and Dawn say stuff. Then Cyrus is gobsmacked by Dawn's tits. We get a quick highlight reel of the roster's big moves before Taz talks about ECW being about barb wire bats, tables, and hard chairshots - but he's THE CHAMP and his hands are his weapons. He brags about choking out "the minellium man" Chris Jericho, Shane Douglas, Bigelow, Scorpio, Candido, and Lawler.

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