Friday, October 21, 2016

NJPW on AXS 10-21-16 - Tanahashi vs. Okada Wrestle Kingdom 10

I got Sling and forgot to cancel - so what the heck, I might as well watch NJPW. I've actually never seen the AXS show before - so this should be fun. The story of the Okada-Tana feud is recapped. Backstage, Okada talks about losing to Tana at every WK show. Ross talks about how Tanahashi hasn't lost in the Dome since 2008. "Okada returned in 2012 from a run in TNA Impact Wrestling. An uneventful run!"

 After some gorgeous shots, we get a tie-up to start. Lots of matwork leads to JR asking who is better on the mat. A chop block and a dragon screw take Okada down. Okada hits a triangle dropkick sending Tana to the floor! He crossbodies him over the barricade. DID and the stranglehold choke give Okada an edge. They fight up top and Okada sends Tana to the floor. Tana recovers and hits an apron dragon screw and an apron Slingblade. Tana locks on a cloverleaf, and then dropkicks the knee in the rope. Okada hits a series of basement dropkicks for 2, and then the diving Okada elbow for 2.


Tana victory rolls his way out of a tombstone for 2. Okada is locked into a cloverleaf, resulting in Okada looking mentally defeated. Slingblade hits, but the High Fly Flow misses! Okada goes for a tombstone, but eats a neckbreaker, but he absorbs it and hits the tombstone! RAINMAKER GETS 2! High Fly Flow and OKADA EATS HIS OWN RAINMAKER! RAINMAKER COUNTERED INTO A HIGH FLY FLOW and the dragon suplex gets 2.5! HIGH FLY FLOW TO THE BACK! ANOTHER TO THE GUT GETS 2.! 

STANDING HIGH FLY FLOW MEETS A DROPKICK! Okada eats slaps, but lands the dropkick! Tana is locked into a Rainmaker, but Tana slaps him and they go down. He lands a series of lariats before a big Rainmaker hits and ends it! Okada beats Tanahashi for the first time ever at Wrestle Kingdom! At the post-match presser, Tana says he is speechless and he isn't sure if his dream has ended or if it's passed on.


Mid-ring, Okada says that "if IWGP was easy, I'd have done it long ago!" At his presser, he says he'll fight for the approval of the fans this year. He talks about facing Tana at prior Tokyo Dome shows and losing, but finally winning and getting the fans' approval. This was an amazing show - it might've been the single best hour of pro wrestling presented so far. A highlight reel closes the show off.


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