Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WWE SD 10-18-16

AJ vs. Ellsworth II is given quite an amazing video package. "WILL THE CHINDERELLA STORY HAPPEN TONIGHT!" Mauro is great. Dean gives Ellsworth his own shirt and says it's 100% cotton because he needs to breathe. Orton says he's losing his mind before Bray talks to Randall from a casket. Luke and Orton have a match until Bray comes down with a casket, and then Kane comes out of that and saves Orton. Joy. AJ calls James a wet noodle of a man. Heath and Rhyno and Dolph face the Spirit Squad and Miz tonight.

Alexa faces Naomi in a fairly bad match. Otunga talking doesn't help things. Alexa having her Nightmare on Elm Street gear does. Twisted Bliss wins it. Crews is out to face Hawkins, who refuses to wrestle. Productive use of these men spending time to fly around the country. Carmella insults Nikki using Total Divas clips. Nikki says she paved her own road and pays her bills.

6-man tag is up. Good to see Kenny getting a shot. JBL hypes up the Cabinet and says he misses the Bashams. Mauro talks about Kenny playing college football after leaving WWE. KENNY BEATS HEATH! Spirit Squad should face the tag champs! Baron hits End of Days and beats Swagger. Nattie shows cat photos to Bryan to get a spot on the women's tag at Survivor Series. Dean wants to be the ref, but Bryan makes him the announcer instead. He puts over Ellsworth gloriously. Great stuff with AJ tossing him out and Dean tossing him back in. SUPERKICK PARTY BY ELLSWORTH GETS 2! AJ forearms him to death and gets DQed! ELLSWORTH IS 2-0 AGAINST AJ! Dean lays out AJ. Well, this was a show.
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