Saturday, October 22, 2016

NXT 10-19-16

The Joe-Nakamura brawl is recapped and we get the usual show intro. Izzy holds up an Izzy and Bayley win the Dusty Rhodes Classic sign. Rich Swann comes out with the fans chanting his theme. Jose and Swann are perfect! Tom says it's time to get funky like a monkey - that is both perfect for Dusty and a bit racist. Nese and Gulak have perfectly contrasting boring music and a tron of just their last names. Gulak gets 2 off a variety of wacky cradles. Nese uses acrobatics to avoid Jose's shots. Ole chants are now "Jose/Jose/Joseeee!" Jose hits a giant running palm strike that sends Nese twirling for 2. Flapjack punch hits for Jose, but only gets 2 thanks to a save by Nese. Triangle flip dive by Swann leads to the full nelson slam beating Gulak - fun match.

Tye cuts a promo on Bobby Roode - Bobby LIED TO HIM. Aries talks about Itami being gone because he has a sore neck - but it's really because he has no spine and is afraid of him. He says his partner will be the best choice - and only the greatest and STRONGEST survive. Roode's glorious theme hits and he debuts A NEW ROBE! This presentation is just outstanding. 
 "THE GLORIOUS" Bobby Roode works so well. He's facing Maluta and we get some outstanding interplay between Corey and Tom. Roode hits a spinebuster and wins with the impaler DDT. Roode-Tye is made for Takeover and he'll make him GLORIOUS! Tye runs down and sends him packing. Generic Brunette Girl interviews Liv, fresh a vacation on the sun judging by her tan, and a weird Liv Vibes shirt. The new mean girls of Kay and Royce beat her up and drag her to the arena.

Knight and Otis face Team Aries next. Knight and Otis are just big, burly ass-kickers. Aries and the debuting Roderick Strong team up. Tom talks about him facing Seth, Bryan, AJ, Joe, and Owens. Aries mocks Otis and kicks him before a test of strength. Strong eats a dropkick from Knight. Sick Kick gets the win. Almas HAS A TRANSLATOR NOW and says he has been disrespected. Well, being forced to wear suspenders will do that. Nikki Cross beats some chick with the moss-covered three handled family credenza. Nikki forearms EY and beats up the jobber some more.

Nakamura comes down and says he's not done with Joe. He cuts a fairly bad promo in all honesty, but says he'll beat him with no mercy. '80s porno music hits and Patrick Clark comes out and says they should do something other than Nakamura-Joe - something new! THE PATRICK CLARK EXPERIENCE VS. NAKAMURA! One's dressed like Hendrix and the other looks like Freddie Mercury and Eddie Murphy had a baby. Nakamura just kicks him before Joe walks down and stays on the ramp. Okay then.

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