Tuesday, October 11, 2016

WWE SD 10-11-16

Dolph's out in a Hype Bros shirt and cuts a passionate promo about winning, while Miz and Maryse come out in black mourning the loss of the title - or as Miz puts it, the death of the IC Title because he gave it prestige again. The Spirit Squad come out and boy is Kenny's giant right arm tat distracting. They have a nothing match for a while with ads being shown in a split screen instead of just ads - which is odd. The SD tag champs make a save, so I guess that's a six-man tag at some point. Shane and Bryan hype up a five versus five Survivor Series match with Raw facing SmackDown. Boy is Bryan bad at this, and Bryan also wants a five-on-five tag team match and then a five-on-five women's match. Wow is this overkill.

Nikki chats backstage "earlier today" and gets jumped by Carmella. Carmella has a nothing match against Naomi, which ends due to Nikki coming out. Alexa says she can beat Naomi any day of the week and twice on Sunday - so Bryan says she'll get a chance to beat her next Tuesday. Awkward Total Bella stuff makes Bryan look a bit dorkish. Usos cheat to win to beat American Alpha in a short, but fun match. I loved Jey helping the schoolboy out with his bright yellow boots and the ref still missing it. Usos standing next to a DELETE DELETE sign amuses me. Hype Bros yammer on backstage and the Ascension interrupts. Joy.

AJ comes out for his victory promo and says the fans live vicariously through him, but he's a one man bandwagon. AJ brags about beating Dean and Cena at the same time and says most would take a year off - or at least a month, but not him! Dean comes out and wants a fight, but AJ says no - he'll fight someone not on the roster - JAMES ELLSWORTH! Bryan makes Ellsworth vs. AJ official, and makes Dean the ref. AJ squashes him, but Dean takes a call and misses James tapping to the crusher. Dean shoves James in the ring to take photos with a hot babe in the front row. AJ hits the nastiest Clash in WWE yet with James tucking his head, but luckily, it was a slow drop and his knees took the brunt of it. Dean counts 2, but won't hit for a third time. He hits Dirty Deeds to AJ to give James the win, but AJ KICKS OUT! Dean grabs a drink from a fan before hitting another dirty deeds and giving Ellsworth the win via fast count.

Kane and Orton have a brief, friendly chat before their match with the Wyatts. Not much to it beyond Kane disappearing when the lights went out and Harper distracting Orton so he could take THE WORST Sister Abigail ever and lose.

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