Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WWE NXT 10-12-16

Roode and his GLORIOUS theme start the show off right. THE GLORIOUS 10 have a pose-off with Roode putting his arms to the side and Tye...flexing his ass cheeks with 10 on them. Sanity debuts against them - with EY clearly being the one in the vest with the Canadian flag on it. Alexander Wolfe is one dude, while another is Sawyer Fulton. Roode comes in, pops his robe and leaves Tye to die. Nikki Cross attacks Tye before EY hits the back suplex/neckbreaker to an "EY" chant.

The new horrible NXT mean girls cut a promo on Liv. Roode says that if Tye got hurt, it's on him. Billie has a pretty bad match with Liv, only noteworthy due to Liv being super-bendy in the rack and having her thong revealed a bit. Billie wins with a boot. TM61 faces Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss. Quite the bacne on Moss. Tino's gear is straight up out of Fire Pro Returns with the icon on the front of it. Good action from the big lugs - Tino's got some athletic hops to him. TM 61 wins with Thunder Valley.

 THE BLAKE AND MURPHY FACTOR EXPLODE in a match. Murphy hits a flip dive and Joe comes down to kick a bunch of ass. Nakamura returns and they brawl. Kinshasa KOs Joe. Boy what a nothing show this was.

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