Friday, October 28, 2016

NXT 10-26-16

The generic show intro starts off before DIY comes out for their match against Tian Bing and HoHo Lun. Lun is in his CWC gear, while Bing is in generic black and red shorts. Lun has some solid-looking stuff against Johnny. Lun eats the slingshot spear and the knee/superkick combo to end it. TJP and Kota chat about facing Ali and Mustafa. Takeover Toronto hype video airs. Joe talks about his path of destruction and how he has Nakamura terrified of him. Aliyah faces Billie Kay. Kay has a solid theme...that's about it. Boa robe is cool too. These two are simply not good together. Kay actually gets up from a blockbuster first despite TAKING THE MOVE. Liv pulls Payton, distracting Billie and giving Aliyah a distraction schoolgirl win. The heels lay out Liv.

Noah Potjus comes out looking like a cabana-hopper with a Hawaiian vest. Tye faces him, cartwheels, says 10 and wins with a Tye Breaker. Roode beats him up and implant DDTs him on the ramp. TM61 are interviewed by the generic brunette girl. They've prepared for it like any other match. Thanks guys. Asuka is a total heel against Thea Trinidad. Love her kind of basking in every small shot. Ankle lock into the German and then a Fujiawara armbar wins it. This was fun. Regal brings her competition for Takeover - MICKIE JAMES!

Ellering and his shiny suit talk to the AOP. Generic girl asks IF HE'S HAPPY WITH THEIR DESTRUCTION. Goddamn what a moronic question. He finds Swann and Jose impressive - but they won't advance over the AOP. Ali and Mustafa come out to face Kota and TJP. Ali and Kota have some quick matwork on the ground to start. Ali looks outstanding with his kicks and even a slick neckbreaker that gets 2. Kota hits a slick sliding kick and DOUBLE PELES THEM! Ibushi hits a second rope moonsault to set up a High Fly Flow by TJP for 2. GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Wrecking ball dropkick to Lince! Kneebar gets the tapout win! Really fun match.

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