Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WWE SD 10-25-16

Dean and Ellsworth meet backstage for a wacky chat. Bray comes out to face Kane. NOOO! Orton comes down and RKOs Kane, so Bray wins. AJ tells Charly that Ellsworth will be missing more than his chin when he's done with him. Becky returns, but before she can cut a promo, Alexa comes down and insults her. Alexa's facial expressions are outstanding here. They brawl and Becky eats the barricade. Alexa DDTs her and paints a yellow streak on Becky's back. Hype Bros beat Ascension with the Hype Ryder to go into the SD vs. Raw tag.


Nattie wants Bryan to make her the team captain, but Bryan makes Nattie vs. Nikki instead. They have a fairly sloppy match for a bit before Nikki wins with the STF and then Carmella jumps Nikki. CAN ANY STORYLINE ON THIS SHOW PROGRESS!? Miz, goth Maryse, and the Spirit Squad come out. Doplh and Beauty and the Manbeast come out and we got us a Spirit Squad tag title match. Rhyno and Heath win with the Gore. Ellsworth will be in Dean's corner tonight. AJ lands the moonsault DDT perfectly for 2. NO CHIN MUSIC ON THE FLOOR! Dean loses! This...was a show.

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