Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WWE SD 10-4-16

 Cena-AJ-Dean recap video leads us to Bray vs. Orton being set up with Bray vs. Kane. Joy! They have a long, nothing match before Orton cuts a creepy, spooky promo and Bray just leaves. Baron insults Swagger, who says he'll find Bryan or Shane and try to get a match. Nikki comes out shaking her ass to face Alexa. They have a fairly bad match until Carmella comes in and beats up Nikki during the TKO. Becky comes out for a save, making this a HOLLA HOLLA TAG MATCH. Alexa beats Becky with Twisted Bliss - so Becky retains on Sunday.

Orton chases Bray backstage and Bray yells into a camera in the room he's trapped in. Bryan gives SD Women's Title replicas to breast cancer survivors. Hype Bros beat the Vaudevillains with a Hype Ryder while the Ascension looks on. Jesus do none of those potential matches seem good. Miz and Maryse introduce a faux documentary on him - showing his history as Kerwin's caddy and in the Spirit Squad, and winning the World Title for 10 minutes before losing it on SD. Dolph cuts an excellent promo on how if he can't deliver, he doesn't belong.

MIZ BRINGS OUT THE SPIRIT SQUAD! Well, 2 of them. They spell Dolph in the most hilarious way ever. Miz says the other two were lost in transit when HHH sent them back to OVW. Miz says he can't wait to see Kenny and Mikey do autograph signings with Nicky for $5, before they kick Dolph's ass. Dolph beats them up, but Miz escapes. This was great! AA beats the Usos quickly again, but eat a beating until the champs make a save. Bray and Orton do creepy stuff for a bit.

Cena and Dean hype video showcases Cena's outstanding Talking Smack promo. Swagger comes out to face Baron, and Hawkins re-debuts at No Mercy. Baron and Swagger have a nothing match where Baron "taps" by reaching for the ropes. AJ and Dean talk smack, before Cena and AJ resume their beef. Everyone brawls and AJ stands tall in the ring only to be taken out on the ramp by Dean. Pretty blah show outside of the Dolph-Miz stuff.

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