Friday, October 28, 2016

NJPW on AXS TV 10-28-16 - AJ Styles and Nakamua's Final Matches in New Japan

We get both the final match of AJ Styles from 1/5/16 and Nakamura's final match on 1/30. AJ and Omega face Nakamura and Yoshi-Hashi. Quite a bit of clipping here. Omega gets 2 off a doctor bomb. Inverted powerslam hits, but AJ cuts Nak off. AJ hits a Pele before Kenny hits a reverse rana! One Winged Angel gives him the win over Nakamura. AJ goes up top to celebrate, but gets hit with the OWA! THE ELITE SUPERKICK AJ! Everyone too sweets and beats up AJ. STYLES CLASH AND THEN DUAL SUPERKICKS ALONGSIDE IT! So great. AJ gets up and bows to the fans.

Nakamura 's final NJPW entrance is shown. Ross talks about how Nakamura, Tanahashi, and Shibata were picked as the new three musketeers to replace Muta, Chono,a nd Hashimoto. Not a whole lot to this match. It's basically a greatest hits of Shibata vs. Ishii - which isn't bad. Barnett is outstanding at calling the MMA stuff from Nakamura and Shibata. Back and forth forearm strikes between Tana and Nakamura! A Bom-a-ye is countered with a Slingblade and they're both down!

Shibata and Ishii come back in and stuff each other to hell and back. DIVING KICK BY NAKAMURA. Diving knee by Shibata! Ishii beats Shibata with the brainbuster - fun stuff. After the match, Omega talks shit to Nakamura. Tana tells Omega to shut up, that he's the ace, and he's got him for the IC Title. Omega and Ishii hug Nakamura. Nakamura says he's grateful for his allies and enemies, and now he's going to show the world what he's all about. He gets out one more YEAOH and says that PRO WRESTLING IS THE GREATEST!  Okada carries him around the ring and then does it again at ringside. This was beautiful. In the post-match presser, he says that Okada will protect New Japan.

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