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SD 8-2-13

Alberto rambled for a bit about his opponents and said he'd love to face DA BEAST BROCK LESSSNAR, but he's otherwise occupied with Punk. So instead, he wanted Ricardo as his opponent before Vickie came back and said there would be a three-way instead of just letting Alberto pick to determine his Summerslam contender. Nothing really bad about this, but it was just a thing. Main event should be pretty good.

They came with Riley and Cole talking about the Cody-Sandow stuff. Riley looks so generically happy, I'll be amazed if he isn't kept on at least as the ME color guy. The same recap of the Cody-Sandow on Raw was used. Swagger went from being in a major WM match to getting a jobber intro against CODY RHODES. Wow. Cody shut Zeb by attacking Jack - I like that. I loved Riley's "three bananas short of a fruit basket" description for Zeb. Swagger's pale-tan look is odd. Riley oddly used the "Dustin Runnels" name for Dustin when describing Cody's lineage. Cody won with a sunset flip to counter the gutwrench powerbomb. So Swagger is the only man who has lost to a sunset flip this century. Nice graphic for the Orton-Christian-RVD match later. Jobs looks really not good. Kutcher comes off like a guy playing Jobs in a low budget TV movie, not a theatrical one.

WWE MAGAZINE HAS MORE READERS THAN ROLLING STONE AND MAXIM. That's why it's losing money. They replayed Cody's win and said he was on a roll. Amazing to see them do that for a mid-card match with no feud behind it. And then he got a post-match interview with Josh. Josh asked Cody why he threw Sandow and the case in the Gulf of, BECAUSE SANDOW WAS A DICK. Nice out of nowhere jump from Sandow to Cody. Weird to see IRS and Road Dogg as agents pulling Sandow off of him. Nice soft focus effect for Sin Cara's entrance. Shame they refuse to make any real use of his talent. Big E's his opponent and this should be a lot of fun. I liked Riley's "she makes crazy cool" line for AJ, and him feeling bad for Big E since he's stuck in the middle. Nice enzuiguri from SiN Cara to counter a backdrop.

Riley talked about seeing Big E in developmental, and comparing him to Matthew Ryan in that they both went from being kids to being major players. Abdominal stretch WITH THE ROPES from Big E. Tremendous. Nice pair of apron enzuiguris from Cara and it led to the queabrada being countered into the Big Ending. Great finish there. Riley said it's hard to do, but Big E made it look easy. He is outstanding. Kaitlyn's win on Raw got a little pink-tinted vid to set up their title match later. Also, Punk gets his revenge for...GTSing Fandango last week in a match tonight.

They came back to thank Wyclef for the Summerslam theme and played a Wyatts vid. It's a good vid, but seems exactly the same as the one they've played since they debuted, even though it was longer and full of Wyatt soundbytes.  Renee is backstage in very yellow makeup with Kaitlyn and OH HEY LAYLA, PERFECT! Renee's arms look so pale compared to Kaitlyn. I like them playing up this being the arena where Kaitlyn won the title before, so it's a shame they really didn't play that up on Raw so this match would perhaps mean something - even just saying it after her win would've been something. Alberto having his USA shirt still is odd. Vickie's white jacket is quite slimming. Alberto was pissed at Brad for coming in until he reminded him that he's his boss on Mondays. Summer Rae came out in a super-hot pink outfit while Fandango crawled out to the ramp. Fandangoing seems to be somewhat of a thing again. Punk-Fandango is the hour one main event.

They came back with Punk coming out and did a recap of the Punk-Heyman stuff from Raw. All of these recaps make it feel like they shot an hour of stuff for the show. Hard to believe THE BEST VS. THE BEAST is about 2 weeks away. It really doesn't feel like Summerslam is a big show coming up. New black and blue gear for Punk - good color scheme for him. Punk's now got the tape underneath his kneepads ala HHH. They did some stuff and Fandango took a breather to lead to an ad break. That means this match has had a few minutes of action and still technically gone through two commercial breaks due to the intros. I got the Comcast Business Internet/bad shellfish commercial twice in a row. Lucky me. They came back and Summer Rae SHOOK HER FINGER AT PUNK. That ruled, as did Riley saying that while Fandango may seem to be a rookie, he could pull off the upset here. Riley talked about being on NXT season 2 while Fandango was on S4.Even though that's a tad odd given that it's never been referenced before, I like it since we're hearing history we don't usually hear. Nice bridging chinlock from Fandango, and it led to one with an armscissors applied too. Cole equated Punk's journey to getting to the top of WWE like him trying to beat Fandango here...yeah no. Shining Wizard>clothesline led to the Savage elbow being teased before Fandango left before it could be done. Kick on the apron from Fandango led to the Falcon Arrow by Fandango! Got 2, but it was a great 2 count. I loved Punk blowing a kiss before doing a FLOATOVER SUPERPLEX (vintage Windham) and then going for the Vise. Great finish and a really good match that exceeded my expectations. I liked the relatively little touch of them not repeating the thing they did last week with the GTS, but also setting up that Punk can beat Brock with the Vise too. Recap of the opening Alberto angle. RVD and Renee Young had a poorly-acted segment that turned into an even funnier one when Christian came in to deliver more. Dialogue. Like this. Then Orton. Came in. And didn't go to the paper. Instead. He threatened RVD, with an RK...Bro, RVD didn't come back for a stroll down memory lane. He wants. The gold. R-V-D. This was tremendously funny.

Kaitlyn and Layla came out for the title match and they showed Kaitlyn winning on Raw once again. Both Maddox and Vickie have banned Big E from ringside - I like two heels agreeing on something that doesn't work in another heel's favor. Riley likes crazy chicks, except for when they cut through his screen door to get to him. Nice standing spinkick from AJ. Kaitlyn hit something that should've been a gutbuster, and it led to Layla...standing in front of Kaitlyn to stop an attack on AJ. Black Widow wins and Layla looked on with an almost lustful look in her eyes. Maybe she can be WWE's version of the lesbian time-travelling vampire. Cena-Bryan recap is up next.

They recapped that whole deal and the Cena-Ryback table match, which had wacky epic dubstep over it. At 9:28, it's already main event time. Orton and Christian came out, leaving RVD to get the big post-break intro. They showed Orton pinning Alberto, then talked about Christian winning on Raw before showing that to finally explain on the show why these men were involved. And RVD losing to Alberto via a clean superkick out of nowhere. Alberto came out...okay, now it's clear they just needed all of this time to do the intros. Alberto said that whoever wins WILL TAP OUT, so maybe they'll actually do a title change. MR. MONDAY NIGHT IS LIGHTING IT UP ON FRIDAY NIGHT. I bet he is. Everyone was down for the ad break. Nice flip counter to a corner charge from RVD, which led to more flips so he could do a crossbody attempt. Tornado DDT from Christian led to the crazy head-landing bump from RVD. Flippy-do monkey flip to Christian. Corner slam led to the split-legged moonsault from RVD. It's amazing that he can still do that so well at his age. Slam on the floor to Orton from Christian, but he was countered and slammed on the floor by RVD. Flip dive by RVD over the top to both guys. ECW chant broke out for that one. Ad for WM: The World TV Premiere on NBC tomorrow.

Unprettier attempt by Christian was avoided when he let go of the hold to avoid an RVD diving kick. Five star frog splash hits, but only gets 2 thanks to Orton. HOW HIGH CAN HE GO after the five star, and also how many punches did Orton in the corner mount. Weird edit after the dropkick to setup the rolling thunder>powerslam spot. That was incredible. Dropkick on the apron sent RVD to the floor, while the draping DDT gave Orton the edge. RKO hits RVD, but Christian counters it with a backslide to win! Sweet. Orton looked strong, and RVD looked good too. Very odd to not have RVD get the shot at Alberto after losing so quickly to him on TV though. Maybe they'll make that a 3-way or something. The crowd chanted for an RKO, but got a handshake instead. Christian shook RVD's hand, and they showed more highlights. It was really nice to see them do this, and it's odd to see them book Christian better now than they did in 2012 during the Orton feud or the deal where he was IC Champ. Alberto jumped Christian and hit the kneeling superkick. Nice to see them devote so much time to the world title.

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