Friday, January 10, 2014

SD 1-10-14

I mainly stayed in and tried to rest all day due to being ungodly cold out, and I wound up sleeping through SD - which is fine since I needed the rest more than I needed to see the show. The spoilers didn't seem all that amazing anyway. Wyatt vid opens the show, leading to the Usos vs. Wyatts as the first match immediately - I love that SD sometimes starts with a match. Rowan's offense being so unrefined and basic adds to his character, and he's gotten reasonably decent in six months on TV. I think you could hear the ref talking to someone from the back right before the Gator Roll - odd. The atomic noogie was credited to Slaughter. Whisper in the Wind from Jimmy is their new comeback spot - and it still works to pop a crowd. Jey is so damned explosive here - he looks awesome! Umaga hip attack hits Harper, but Harper's able to regain control thanks to the Michinoku driver. Taker dive onto Harper. Bryan and Wyatt came down to attack the Usos and the match just ends. Flying knee from Bryan - he's now added kneeling and tongue-hanging to the act. Orton cut a promo with Vickie asking himself questions and answering them in a hurried manner.

Miz TV with Show is up. Miz's set is back, after the nothing one the last time it was on TV. Beyond getting the figure four from Flair, I think he also got his checkerboard suit from him as well. Show's out for this - and JBL's hoping he KOs him. Show saying Brock "isn't the baddest man on the planet" isn't very smart, even if it does make some sense for the character. Show wants a fight with Brock, so here's Heyman. Brock WILL let Show fight him at the Rumble PPV - TREMENDOUS scowl from Heyman. Odd for a Brock match to be made after such a nothing build. BATISTA hype. CES recap. The Monday Night War show adds Austin to the Nitro intro, which just looks bizarre. Rybaxel and the Real Americans face the Matatores and Rey/Cara. This is officially a big waste of Rey. Rey's Flash gear is neat though. They do some stuff leading to the bull doing a flip dive off the top onto Cesaro ON THE FLOOR, which wasn't a DQ, before Rey hits the 619 and drops the dime for the win.  Cole said this was WHAT SD IS ALL ABOUT - a filler giant tag match? Raw recap. Big E-Orton, champ vs. champ, is just the semi main event - while the NAO is main eventing. That's just a bit stupid. A man with a gigantic beard danced along to E's theme! Basic headlock shoveoff led to a shoulderblock and Orton bailing to do some minor stretches to stall. More really basic stuff with backbreakers and back-focused attacks. Orton is controlling the pace and keeping it nice and slow. It's not a great match, but it's perfectly fine and E's not looking bad at any point. Orton stomp led to the VINTAGE chinlock. Cole and JBL had a math discussion. Crowd's dying with this match. It's just not very exciting. Eye poke led to the RKO.

Crazy Wyatt promo I love Bryan as the parrot for Bray's promo. LIEEEE! Woods beat Fandango in a nothing match. Usos challenged Wyatt and Bryan to a Raw match. This was simple, old-school and awesome. Legends part of Raw got recapped. Ambrose has had NIGHTMARES since the snake was put on him, and if it was here, he'd rip its skin off! Road Dogg and Billy "blown up" Gunn came down. Billy's working in a shirt, and finally looks about 45 now facially, maybe a bit older with the grey. Cole laughed about neither the APA or the NAO remembering much about the Attitude era. Road Dogg's head tattoo makes him look a bit older since it seems like he's got a ton of grey, even though it's just the ink going through not much hair. Cole referenced Jesse Jammes and ROCKABILLY being a team before the NAO. Wow. Road Dogg is a great babyface in peril. Punk got the hot tag and hit some stuff before being taken down. Billy got a tag from him and got the Jackhammer for 2. Fameasser to Ambrose prevented by a Reigns spear - NICE finish.

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