Friday, January 31, 2014

SD 1-31-14

Bryan-heavy recap of Raw opens things up. Cesaro-Ziggler starts the show. I love Zeb using signs - Dutch was great with them back in SMW too. I love that he prefers aliens from  Mars. Love JBL burying Miz for bringing his parents to Raw since it always leads to bad things. Maybe Barrett will bring that up at some point. This a Chamber qualifier, which makes Dolph seems like he's on the ascent a bit. Nice positioning on the camel clutch from Cesaro - it looks super-tight and hard to escape from. THE CESARO LIFT RETURNS. LOLed a bit when Cole said "BOTH COULD GO INTO THE CHAMBER!" since Swagger's in another qualifier. Big DDT counter for the Very European Uppercut. Dolph going limp for the swing ruled. Neutralizer gets the win! YAY GO TONI! Reigns highlight reel starts off the Shield cutting a promo. Loved Ambrose being a complete dick to Reigns, who stood up for himself. Seth playing peacemaker is amusing. Great stuff with them challenging the Wyatts for costing them a shot at the title. HHH came out and played corporate stooge demanding that they let it go - Reigns wasn't having any of that shit and demanded he make the match against the Wyatts. Nice RO-MAN chant here.

Fandango faces Xavier. Xavier's got black, red, and white gear now. Loved JBL saying that he hasn't seen Torito since Xavier wore the jacket - he could've skinned him! Xavier and Fandango did some moves until a wheelbarrow spot that Xavier turned into a facebuster. Thank God Fandango happened to pick him up in that exact position or his plan wouldn't have worked. Nice Falcon Arrow from Fandango after he crotched Xavier on the top - good finisher. It's different, and less dangerous than the flying legdrop. Suplex>stunner from Truth ensures that Fandango's win meant nothing. Rybaxel faced the PTPs. Titus never tagged in and the hangman's facebuster won. DY's mouth got busted open. DY said they were like family, and Titus said nah - he's been dragged down. He's now known as a loser. Titus said he's getting rid of DY's dead weight Big boot took him out. This is a good push for TON, but coming at the wrong time. This would be perfect as a B-show main event push for like Payback or something like that. Right now, he has nowhere to go on top of the card, or even in the mid-card. He isn't even going to be IC Champ, and the U.S. Title is above him at this point as well. Now if the world title was separate, I think it would be a good time to push him for that. Jake HOF vid replay.

ALEXANDER RUSEV cut a promo looking beyond wide. He fills up the screen, and his chick is cute. Christian's big return was unannounced, got no promo time, and he's just facing Swagger. Well, at least their match at Backlash '09 ruled - hard to believe that was nearly five years ago. It doesn't feel like Christian's been back in WWE for that long. Cole asked why Zeb would slap Swagger, so JBL told him to ask him since he's RIGHT THERE. Zeb joined them. Zeb said he had to inspire him. This match BEGAN WITH A PRESS SLAM FROM THE RING OVER THE RINGPOST AND TO THE FLOOR. Holy shit. Cole brought up Swagger winning last year's Chamber and getting a world title shot at WM. Boy does that feel like it was ages ago. Doctor bomb with a pin combo got 2. Ankle lock was countered into a shitty cradle for 2. Cole said this would be Christian's first chamber match, which seems odd since he's been around for eons and seems like he's done every gimmick match. Frog splash got the win. Christian talked with Renee about being THE MOST DANGEROUS CHRISTIAN ANYONE'S EVER SEEN! Tremendous.

Kofi Rumble recap. He's facing Sandow, who got no highlights, so he's losing. SOS got the win. Brock recap from Raw. HHH said that the Rhodes Bros. get their tag title rematch, fair and square, in a cage. Cody's at least bandaged up, but if an attack from BROCK can't take out Cody Rhodes for one show, why bother doing it? Road Dogg came down and introduced Billy as the BAD ONE, eh, not a bad way to PG Bad Ass...which he then called him anyway. Big Suck It sign was on air. What an odd PG era this is. Goldust and Billy brawled on the floor. Road Dogg went for the VINTAGE DISTRACTION FINISH SCHOOLBOY, but only got 2. Disaster Kick got 3. Brawl at the end between them. Wyatt promo time. Harper saying things is even creepier than Bray. Bray at least seems to have the capacity to be civil. Harper seems like the kind of dude you don't want to run into - ever! Rowan saying RUN! ruled. Shield's out for the main event 6 man.

Shield-Wyatts graphic was put up - sadly, no War Games-style chamber yet. "WWE FANS HAVE GOTTEN WHAT THEY WANTED - DANIEL BRYAN WILL COMPETE FOR THE WWE TITLE!". Amazing line. Nice brawling with Reigns and Sheamus. Their styles mesh well together. Ambrose's frantic corner blows and headbutts are nice. TREMENDOUS bump from Rollins off the knee to the gut from Bryan. Dude just did a wacky flip, it ruled. JBL said Bryan's like the Missing Link, Dewey Robertson...only not in anyway. Seth and Rey work well together. Blind tag to Ambrose led to him countering a headscissors with a facebuster perfectly. Reigns was a great bully to him. I love that toss under the ropes to the floor - makes whoever faces Rey seem like a beast. JBL buried Cole for calling Seth the architect. It didn't help that he then said he was like an air traffic controller too. Sheamus had his shoulder bonked into the post, but still kicked Ambrose's head off anyway. First 619 led to a Bryan knee to Seth, while the second led to Rey getting the hell speared out of him and pinned. Really fun match.

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