Wednesday, January 20, 2016

NXT 1-20-16

NXT is up 10 minutes early, and we get a recap of last week's show. Sami comes out to face/squash Adam Rose. Adam botches a knee to the gut by rushing forward too much. Koji clutch gets the win. Joe vs. Gargano is hyped, and we get a Gargano promo. Joe's just a bully and Johnny Wrestling won't back down. Bayley and Carmella face Emma and Alexa. Apollo faces Tye next. Gable and Jordan talk about being the alphas of America - so now they're American Alpha! Corey buries Byron for not improving himself in any way in 2016. Nothing much to this. Crews kicks out of the wacky inverted overdrive with the knee, but the big powerbomb wins for Crews.

Blake and Murphy bury American Alpha's name and ALEXA IS VERY UPSET THAT THEY LOST IN LONDON! Recap of Owens coming in to interrupt Sami at a house show. Baron is out to face Rich Swann. Nice rana by Swann to counter a tilt a whirl. Big kick gets 2 for Swann. Deep Six hits and Swann is toast. Bayley and Carmella get insulted by the Mechanics, which angers up Carmella! Emma's out first with Dana, and then Alexa comes out and whips her hair in Emma's shades. Carmella comes down and moonwalks to a polite response. Emma and Alexa jump Bayley and go back and forth in the corner to get an edge before an ad break. Owen Hart Blu Ray ad. Bayley gets an an edge with forearms and shoulder smashes. Dana says "I'M NOT DOING NOTHING", and they all mock her for the grammar. Carmella runs wild with crazy offense, including a rana. Flatliner into the headscissors submission for the win. Finn talks about the triple threat next week. Joe vs. Gargano is next.


Johnny comes down to face Joe, who looks great in his black and yellow gear. Joe bullies him in the corner with forearm rakes. Joe lands some jabs, but eats a midsection dropkick. Joe trips him up on the apron and attacks for a countout win attempt. Joe chokes him out for the win. Women's match was pretty fun, but the rest of the show felt like it was filler - filler that at least furthered things, but not by much.

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