Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NXT 1-27-16

Regular intro leads to American Alpha coming out to their generic theme. Jordan does Brock's ring hop and they're facing BAM. Corey says wins and losses matter more than ever before in the NXT tag team division - and that's coming from a former NXT Tag champ when the Wyatts were around. HUGE wrestling takedown by Jordan here gets 2. Gable comes in and gets a slick armbreaker. Blake somersaults over Gable, but eats a big armdrag and an old school flying headscissors takedown. Super-quick hiptoss into a cradle for 2. GA-BLE chant breaks out before he runs the ropes for eons and Murphy's knee goes out on a leapfrog. Great fakeout there as he uses it to clip the knee. HE'S A MODERN-DAY LAZARUS according to Graves. What a great line. Gable gets to play babyface in peril - which he's also fantastic at. "Chad Gable's in the wrong part of town - where a man in a man bun is trying to break your leg!" Hopping hot tag to Jordan leads to him running wild with dropkicks. Pop-up double German gets the win. They have now beaten their third set of former NXT Tag champs.


A human male interviews Emma and Dana, who looks like a grandmother trying to look younger. They mock Carmella for a bit before Dana mocks her catchphrase. "Bye Adam or Alex, or whatever it is." Sami Rumble recap. Asuka whooping ass recap. "Don't disrespect Asuka OR SHE WILL  KICK YOU IN THE SKULL!" More wisdom from Corey. Nia comes out with Eva to face Liv Morgan. A dropkick almost makes Nia sell for a sec. Sideslam and a legdrop end it. Carmella says angry words towards Emma. Baron hype video puts him over as a guy who dominates and looks cool on a motorcycle. Wacky old tyme video for the Vaudevillains almost seems like a tease to end the team.

Bull comes out and gets winded running for a second. SAY IT TO MY FACE comes out. A-Ry comes out with his worst look yet. He looks like a bad HHH impersonator. Holy Christ, the state of his look. Graves says he thought Phillips and Riley followed each other on Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder. Riley hits an HHH-esque  spinebuster and a jumping calf kick to win. The drifter sings a song and has another bad match against a jobber that the crowd gives no shits about. Wacky spinning neckbreaker wins. Mojo annoys Zack for bragging about his Zubaz. "BRO, STOP WATCHING ME SLEEP!" "...not happening" amused me. Samoa Joe ass-kicking video. Baron comes out first, followed by Joe, and then Sami.

Joe and Sami fight on the floor, leading to Joe taking both guys out with strikes. A big kick and headbutt wipe Baron out. Baron recovers and takes Sami out mid-ring. Joe runs wild with a big running boot to Baron, and he shoves Sami down for a cover - and sentons them. Powerslam gets 2 on Sami. Joe runs wild with chops and punches in the corner. Baron and Sami fight up top and they go the mat and Sami gets 2 off the Blue Thunder Bomb. Joe grabs him from the floor and gets the Coquina Clutch on the floor!

Joe punches away mid-ring and gets the big high knee in the corner. Joe eats End of Days! BUT SAMI SAVES! Sami locks a sloppy sharpshooter on Baron, now it's better mid-ring. Joe gets a crossface and Baron taps out - but to which move. Ah, the old Benoit/Jericho finish. Regal says he'll review the tape and we'll get a decision next week. Okay then.

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  1. Do u have the smackdown screenshots and arspeacil the us title match card pix and the AJ styles smackdown debute match card pix

  2. Can u get those 2 pix and the rest of smackdown shots plz

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