Sunday, January 17, 2016

WWF The Big Event 1986

This isn't an actual PPV, but it's been retroactively made one - and since doing so results in more content on the Network, that's a good thing. We see shaky cam footage of Toronto and we see highlights of the event. The night-ish shots of Toronto are beautiful while the stadium shots really make the company seem hot since you can barely see the ring amid this sea of people.
The Killer Bees face the Jimmy Jack and Hoss version of the Funks. Jim Valley gives a lot of backstory of Jesse Barr being a protege of Dory, so this team isn't quite as awful as it might seem in theory. Not much ring action here, so the stales of Dory Jr. in the WWF and Jesse Barr having his eye ripped out by Haku are welcome. Dory has a goatee and blonde-ish hair. It's also his last night in - so I bet he wins this one! The BABYFACES GO ON THE FLOOR FOR THE MASK SWITCH! A bee wins with a small package on Jimmy Jack - so I guess they respected too much to job him out.
King Tonga is up against Muraco. Tonga gets a dropkick. Nothing else is going on here. Fuji hits Tonga with the cane. The crowd on the bottom of the screen is looking to the right-hand side of the screen. Long nerve hold here gets clipped down a bit. Muraco's tan is amazing - he's almost as dark as Haku. Muraco works on the leg and gets a spinning toehold before a figure four. Tonga gets a crossbody and they go to the 20 minute time limit. Wow.
Ted Arcidi is out to face Tony Garea - who is still working matches at this point. Arcidi can at least put his arms above his head. Tony runs into him a bunch. The crowd is looking at everything but the match. EVERYONE is staring to the right of the screen. It's hilarious. Ted keeps working instead of doing a chinlock. Ted gets a bearhug and Tony gives up. Kids are standing up on their chairs looking at the crowd instead of the ring. Jimmy Hart is here looking 25 like always. Adorable Adrian takes him away to face JYD.
Jimmy comes out with a rainbow colored feather duster. JYD attacks with the chain and headbutts. Adonis gets a weak lariat, but gets a nice flying basement forearm. JYD somehow crotches Adrian up top despite brawling on the floor with Jimmy. JYD wins somehow, and thank God it's over. Mike Sharpe is in the ring to face Dick Slater, with the rebel flag on his gear. Great choice for a match here in Toronto, Canada. Pat says that this show doing so well gave them the idea for putting WM in Michigan, so Toronto natives could get there easier. Flying standing elbow from Slater, who is apparently in really rough shape nowadays. Jacknife pins wins this one. Machines 6-man is up. So we've got Bill Eadie and Blackjack Mulligan teaming with Andre - how very odd. Studd takes a wonky bump for a clothesline from Eadie. Blackjack works with Bundy for a bit. Mulligan punches away and takes him down with a back elbow.
Eadie comes in and punches and chops away on Studd. Bundy tags in and gets 2 off a kneedrop. Albano comes in to fight Heenan, despite not being legally in the match. Heenan bumps around for him. Studd elbows Lou, which also isn't a DQ. We have bedlam and Heenan takes a big bump. Just how did his neck get hurt, I wonder... Heenan takes a GLORIOUS BUMP from Andre's chop. This was a ton of fun. Roberts vs. Steamboat is up and it's a Snake Pit match.
Jake has a shiny ring jacket on, which looks wrong on him. The stip was going to have animals on the ground...and that was nixed because it was unsafe. No word on what this match actually is then beyond a no holds barred match. Jake in this purple robe is something else. Jake's got black and silver-snake gear on, which isn't as good as his black and red flame gear, but better than his old purple gear. Jake gets out of an armbar and punches him a few times. Sidekick to the gut by Steamer. Running low blow by Roberts. Haven't seen it done with a shoulder though. Jake slams him on his ass on the floor. Jake uses the elevated ring platform as if it was the ring and elbows and knees him. Steamboat fights back with a chair. Flying chop hits. Steamboat goes back to an armbar.
More brawling on the floor. Steamboat comes up bloody. Steamboat avoids the DDT, but Roberts lands a gutbuster on the second counter. I like that - plan A didn't work, so he went for something else that works. Roberts goes for a cocky cover, but gets sunset flipped and Steamboat wins! Billy Jack against Hercules, with Gorilla saying Johnny V and Ladd went on a food run during this. So I sure expect greatness here. Herc gets a bearhug and Haynes ear claps his way out of it. Billy lands a flying forearm and we get some commentary about how messed up Billy Jack's life has been over the last 30 years. Haynes wins with a backslide.
Rougeaus face the Dream Team. Rougeaus are babyfaces here in basic red trunks. Solid work by Ray to set up a flying back elbow by Jacques. Double dropkick leads to Valentine doing his front bump. Not really much going on here, but it's a great time to see Sunny make a fool of herself on Twitter. Beefcake is just so bad at this point - going for a cover with both arms high above his head and then diving down like he's Superman. Jacques avoids a figure four, but gets locked in it again. The partners come in and it's minor bedlam. Nice stomp on the leg by Greg, but Ray gets the sunset flip and the win despite being illegal.
Race vs. Morales is up, with both guys on the clear downswing. They go into how Lawler sued the WWF for calling Race "the King of wrestling", so the WWF changed it to "the king of the WWF". Harley and Pedro brawl on the floor and Harley hits the slow motion headbutt. Race goes for a suplex with his back to the ropes - which sure seems like a bad idea. Shockingly, Pedro reverses into his own suplex. Pedro gets 2 off a sunset flip in the ropes. Harley scoops the legs and cheats to win with his feet on the ropes.
Hogan vs. Orndorff is up, and it's worth noting that Orndorff helped draw this house - at this point, the biggest one in WWF history. A fan holds up a sheet to the intro - it would suck to be behind him. Orndorff jumps him, and boy does he look great in white. Hogan whiffs a back elbow and Orndorff bumps to the floor for it. Axe bomber and an elbow hit for Hogan. Big corner lariat leads to Hogan doing Kurt Angle's old spinny pose.  Atomic drop leads to a buckle bump. Heenan flies over the top for Hogan. Suplex on the floor by Orndorff. Orndorff attacks and we see Heenan just studying the match since it isn't his time to shine yet. More shots to the back with the knee by Paul, which gets 2 and a big pop. The boogie woogie elbow hits and gets 2. Paul goes up top, and this isn't going to go well for him. Wow, he actually hits! Hogan backdrops out of a piledriver to a big ovation. A back suplex by Paul gets 2 and the ref takes a bump after Hogan shoves Orndorff into him. Hogan's left ear is busted up and Hogan motions for the piledriver and shakes his ass for it, but Heenan attacks with a stool. Paul covers and counts his own pin. The ref counts the shoulder and we get a Dusty finish. Paul gets the belt - he even gets to wear it. Paul probably should've won it, but hey, he at least got to wear it with pride once - which is more than most can say nowadays. Hogan avoids a belt shot and gets the axe bomber. Paul missed WM 3 because he was an alternate in case Andre couldn't do it, and Hogan runs wild a bit.

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