Monday, January 4, 2016

WWE Raw 1-4-16

I'll be doing a bit less coverage for Raw tonight since I'll be watching WK 10 during I might knock that show out. Recap video of the Vince arrest stuff is preceded by clips of Roman's family. Steph comes out, but gets interrupted by Roman's theme. Steph says that all Roman and the fans have is hope and no one competes with Vince. Steph talks about how she, as a promoter, will break his body down. Roman threatens to beat up Vince. What a pussy. Owens-Neville recap. Dean's out WEARING THE BELT for the first time. Dean's just out to do commentary for Owens-Neville. Neville gets an edge with a series of flips - including a standing SSP to the floor. Owens regains control and we go to a break. Owens dominates him more after the break and wins. Owens attacks Neville after the bell, but Dean saves. Flying Cactus elbow off the barricade through the SAT on Owens. A large black limo pulls up backstage and it's VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON DAMMIT in a fantastic blue suit. H8tful Eight plug with Superstars and Divas.

Stardust vs. Titus. Titus chops away on him and powers him around. Stardust gets 2 off the disaster kick. Sky high wins for Titus. Becky stretches and Charlotte asks if she's the one who asked for a match tonight. Becky says she wants a rematch, and Charlotte gives her one and Ric woos. We get a recap of Becky-Chartlotte from TWO MONTHS AGO!? Wow - sure doesn't feel like it. Not much cheating to start except for Charlotte getting in a cheapshot chop when Becky helped her up. Cravate knee strikes by Charlotte. Figure 4 is turned into a small package for 2 for Becky. Corner forearm and a hopping kick in the corner. Oklahoma roll gets the win for Becky while Ric tosses his jacket around. After months of TEASING being a heel, Charlotte officially turns by beating the shit out of her. Vince meets with Sheamus in the Poster Room, with a giant Photoshop of Cena on the RR poster. Vince runs down the rules and says that the luck of the Irish is with Sheamus.

Ryback is out to face Big Show. Meathook lariat. Chokeslam by Show. Show tosses him to the floor and then the Wyatts beat Ryback up. YES. RYBACK VS. STROWMAN IS TEASED! They surround Show as well. Show knocks them all down, but stands toe to toe with Strowman. They beat up Show too, but not too much. League of Nations B-Team Rusev and Alberto come out. They plug Lesnar on a house show on Friday. Alberto appears to have gained 15 pounds of muscle this week. Must be the new haircut making his body stand out more. Heels dominate for a break. Rusev teased using Umaga's Samoan spike, but the Uso blocked. Super waterwheel suplex by Rusev. Uso winds up in the corner, double stomp time, but the Uso avoids it, hits a superkick and the other Uso tags in for a Superfly dive and a 2 count thanks to Rusev. Plancha into a superkick on the floor from Rusev. Double stomp off the top into a mid-ring rope-bound Uso for the win .

Dolph out's to face Heath, who is joined by Bo, Rose, and Axel. YES! A new group is formed to make the League of Nations seem credible! Big DDT is turned into a cradle for 2. Heath avoids the stinger splash and lands a big knee for 2. Thanks to the goobers distracting Dolph, HEATH PINS FORMER TWO TIME WORLD CHAMPION ON RAW! Rose says that they're riding into the stratosphere. The Axe Man says the CHAINS ARE OFF MAN! Bo says that they get up! Up With Jobbers. They're apparently the Social Outcasts. New Day has a gong. Owens vs. Dean is on SD for the belt. Becky vs. Charlotte is also for the title. Vince gives Roman pre-fight instructions.

New Day mocks Tyson for the hoverboard stuff. Woods has new Sheiky boots. We get a countdown and it leads to Jericho. Y2J in 2016. So if you're old enough to smoke today, you were TWO YEARS OLD when he debuted. Well, maybe 2 1/2, but still. Jericho is here to point out that the company's numbers are in need of help. Amazing. Jericho announces that he'll be in the Rumble and calls them all trap queens.

Dudleys and Kalisto face New Day. Flippy-do stuff from  Kofi and Kalisto. Big E hits a nice belly to belly on Bubba. Super bombs away off Bubba's shoulders by Kalisto sets up...spinny madoos. Apron splash squashes Kalisto. Kalisto is a darn fine babyface in peril. Big Ending/DDT combo wins for New Day. Vince comes out jacked to the gills and Vince allows a stair shot because he's "distracted by the crowd". Roman should try to schoolboy him for the win. Hilarious bit where Sheamus lands a knee to the gut and Vince raises his arm high in joy.Roman Superman punches Sheamus, but Vince won't count. Roman Superman punches Vince. Spear to Sheamus, but of course, there's no ref. Steph's out. YES! Cut dem balls off Big Steph! Roman tries to clonk them together, but they just go all wonky. Sheamus hits the kick twice and Sheamus calls down another ref. Scott Armstrong is back and apparently a crooked ref again because of a month-long angle in 2013. Roman punches him. Roman - assaulter of senior citizens. Roman spears Sheamus and another ref counts 3. Vince punches out John Koan. Vince threatens to fire him, but instead makes his next title match at the Rumble IN THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH. Well, that's a gimmick for sure and if they can get Roman over in a Rumble match without Bryan chants, they've done something right with him.

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