Friday, January 15, 2016

WWE Network - Old School MSG - 4-6-81

 I've got a little bit of time left on my day off - so let's head into the Torch's Wayback machine for the Playback show on the MSG show with Patterson vs. Slaughter. I've seen the match, but nothing else on the card - so this should be a blast for at least that match. Albano's all goofy and we've got Pedro Morales against Lou's charge Moondog Rex. We're prefaced by the Torch team with the usual warning about WWF shows from this era being boring punch and kick-fests. So far, we've got a long headlock - so the boring part is living up tot he bill. Rex works the arm for a shockingly long time with hammerlocks and stomps. Rex drops an elbow for 2. Pedro with a big right, left and a DAZZLING BOLO PUNCH! Fun bit with him looking for a tag as a tag specialist. Pedro gets a shoulder tackle and wins with a small package to a huge reaction. This is basically Pedro doing what Cena's role was as US Champ - and it's effective. 

Patterson starts the match with fire and blasts away for a second before the formal intro. The Grand Wizard has a red, white, and blue turban in a nice touch. Patterson has so much fire with his punches - every babyface should just watch this and see what a babyface should be. Sarge bumps and this thing doesn't budge AT ALL. Fantastic left hand shots by Pat. Sarge avoids a crab, so Pat just hits a gorgeous slingshot - Sarge flew around here and looks so much skinnier than he did even in '86. Pat finally gets the crab after Sarge fights it off. Sarge gets an edge by avoiding a charge and sending Pat to the floor. Sarge teases a DIVE OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR and delivers a boot to the head off the apron instead. Sarge gets a Gomer chant and does the "I can't heard you bit" by covering his ears. Sarge misses a big knee off the top, so Pat goes for the figure four. Pat is selling this move nearly as much as Sarge because he's trying so hard to put him away - more guys need to do this. Pat with a kick to the ass and then to the leg. Pat hits him with a chair, which isn't a DQ here. Pat wants to snap the leg, but the ref pulls on him - so Pat is pissed at the ref and shoves him away. Pat fights from his knees and then Sarge pushes the ref. They BOTH TOSS THE REF OUT because that fucker is getting in their way and they want to kill each other. Cobra clutch is locked on. Great face on Sarge here. NOW things have gone on enough and it's thrown out while Pat STILL ATTACKS THE LEG. Just perfect.
The cage is up for the main event, and it's a regular cage. Apparently, the blue cage was Blassie's idea - so TV cameras could see through it. Well, that remained a valid reason nearly 30 years later. Gorilla is backstage while Hansen comes out looking like a badass. Backlund looks like Link - reddish brown hair, no tan, and green gear. They ram each other into the cage a few times. Moon spot with Hansen trying to climb out. More punching. We hear about the origins of Ribera being a wrestling place - it's due to Hansen and Brody wanting a steak and finding that place. Backlund wins and the crowd goes absolutely crazy.
In the "main event", we get a Larry Sharpe and Johnny Rodz and Garea and Martel. Slams, elbows. Variants of slams and elbows. Some punches. Martel and Garea win and even this gets a reaction. Yowza. This show hasn't aged well as a whole, but Patterson vs. Sarge absolutely has, and it was a wrestling lesson in and of itself.

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