Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WWE NXT 1-13-16

NXT is up 10 minutes early! The usual intro brings us to the crowd chanting NXT while Corey and Tom greet us. The NXT Awards are up - and unlike the Slammys, these seem important. Regal is out to say things! He even gets bows from the crowd. Regal calls it the fastest-growing promotion in wrestling history...and maybe in a world without WCCW, and if NXT was a separate company, that would be true. Regal announces a battle royal for a women's title shot - so the Jax/Eva program is definitely over. Sami came back to the NXT Arena to a chorus of cheers.

Sami appreciates them and thanks fans old and new to the show. He says he's the lead singer of a band - and the band came out to play tonight. "Ole!" is their number one single! Sami loved being in London, but nothing beats being home in Florida. Sami thanks everyone for making him feel warm and fuzzy - because he is rather warm, and somewhat fuzzy. Joe's fat man theme hits and he comes down. Joe threatens him before THE WOLF BARON CORBIN walks down. Baron doesn't usually agree with Joe, but he's right here and wants Sami at the back of the line. Baron won and Joe didn't - so he should be above Joe in the pecking order. The first five rows of hair on Baron's head appear to be glued on - it's hilarious. Joe says he choked out Baron and hey, he makes a good point. Joe leaves and Sami says he's just standing here before Baron jumps him. HELLUVA KICK sends Baron to the floor!

God, I can't wait for the future stars pack so I can have Joe-Sami in 2K16. Michael Clone chats with Bayley. She wishes she could be in the battle royal, but can't - so maybe she'll hug the winner. She hugs Rich and Corey says Rich's 2016 has peaked. NXT 2015 awards are up and get a recap video. Jersey boys won tag team of the year, despite NEVER WINNING THE BELTS. They posed with Regal and HHH. Bayley won too, as did Balor. Brooklyn won Takeover of the year. Bayley vs. Sasha won match of the year. Astonishing how this got over the year, its matches, and stars in as many minutes as Raw has hours to do this for the Slammys.

Ciampa's out to face Danny Burch.They beat the fuck out of each other with chops, forearms, and punches. Crazy bridging armbar gets the win for Ciampa. Enzo cuts a great, I think promo about tea, credit, debts, and the belts. Billie Kay is in dark black gear looking gothic saying she'll win. Deonna says she'll win. Emma's cleavage says she'll prove herself again. Dash and Dawson come out to face the Ascension. Dawson, the bald one, has some great aggressive strikes. Viktor comes in and runs reasonably wild. HE DANCES BEFORE A BIG PUNCH. Blind tag/Anderson sacrifice leads to the Smashing Machine for the win. The trainer says that Nia can't compete tonight - so apparently, we were supposed to care about this despite it just being a thing now. Eva and her Christmas cleavage tell her it's okay - EVA MARIE WILL WIN. Peyton Royce calls herself the Venus flytrap of NXT and says she'll win. Bliss says he will win too.

Elias is mid-ring to face Corey Hollis. Samson squashes him rather boringly. Brief Finn interview about a Sami vs. Joe vs. Baron number one contender's match. Cameron says words. Liv Morgan's gonna do it for Jersey. ASUKA SMILES AND SAYS SHE WILL BECOME NUMBER 1 CONTENDER. Yes! Bliss and Emma get intros. Eva takes forever and then Asuka DOES EVA'S POSE AND KNOCKS HER TO THE SIDE! Asuka kicks Eva's face off to start. Not much action leads to a break.
Liv tries to powerbomb Cameron, but that goes awry in every possible way. They redo it so Alexa can toss them out. Emma and Bliss go at it, and Emma takes her out with a powerslam and backfist on the apron. Emma gets kicked off the top by Asuka, and the remaining girls try to get rid of Asuka. Kay and Royce go at it a bit. FLYING HIP ATTACK TO BOTH GIRLS ON THE APRON AND DOES IT! But Eva was never eliminated, so she wins! BUT NO, Carmella's legal, so SHE WINS. This was fun - not too amazing, but fun. Bayley and Carmella hug to close things out.

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