Wednesday, March 16, 2016

NXT 3-16-16

Show starts with a recap of Joe vs. Zayn in their ungodly-long match that had a good final 10 minutes. I had a writeup for that show done, but didn't save it as it went and the web yeah that kinda didn't go up. Great shots of Joe just kicking ass and landing hard shots. Sami talks about competing on the biggest stage of the year and Regal comes out. Regal says that he deserves a special match. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA APPEARS ON THE a badly-placed bit on there in post-production, but hey, it was great anyway and he cut a fun promo in English.


Hype Bros. have new wacky gear - it's not too awful looking, and they face Dawkins and some other dude. Hype Ryder wins while Corey buries them for being goobers. I love Corey. NXT at the Arnold recap. The NXT roster got to show more personality here than anyone on the main roster has in ages - just with Sami and Finn dancing a jig and Finn posing as "Finn Schwarzanegger!" Emma and Dana chat backstage. They mock Deonna, and it's time for Deonna vs. Emma. Not sure if Deonna having DP on her gear is a good thing for her.

Dana looks like a bizarre created wrestler with her grey hair, orange skin, bright purple lips, and body-covering getup. Emma lands a nice lariat and reminds everyone that it's all about her. World's safest curb stomp hits before the Emma Lock wins. Ciampa is out to face Jesse Sorenson, who is now gigantic, tan, and has a hairy chest. Ciampa lands some knees in the corner before taking the kneepad off and hitting a running knee. Discus lariat hits for 2. Jesse lands some nice chops - he's gotten a lot better since his TNA days, and him getting a WWE gig is so great after his hardships. Floatover elbows lead to that wonky armbar for the win. Armbar is unique - but an example of unique not always being good.


Eva and Nia face Bayley and Asuka. Eva is so much better at playing Ric Flair than Charlotte. Love  Corey's "...yeah..." after Tom asked "can I talk now?" Corey says he's scared for Eva when Asuka comes down. We get some basic stuff before ASUKA TAGS IN AGAINST EVA! Asuka beats her down, and boy does she need to be Shane's striking coach - or just face Taker at WM. I'd buy her against him more than Shane. Bayley's in, but Nia tags in and Samoan drops Bayley. Nia accidentally hits Eva and a belly to Bayley wins it over Eva. Regal praises both of them for raising the bar for NXT, and says that in Dallas, it's time for the two best female wrestlers in NXT to face off.

 Austin Aries eating a beating is recapped, and he does an interview with Tom and Corey. He'll face Corbin at Takeover. Aries says that he earned his contract with NXT not by being tall, but by being the best for 1 and a half decades. Emma-Asuka is happening against next week! American Alpha against the Vaudevillains is the main event - shame, they seem to have had a billion matches by now.

Not much to the match itself. Faces run wild, get beaten up for a bit, but regain control for a break. Aiden gains controls with a chinlock. Jordan lands a huge overhead belly to belly to Gotch on the floor! Pop-up bridging back suplex hits for the win.

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