Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WWE NXT 3-2-16

An awful ad for the E&C show airs before the show. Finn vs. Neville is the main event, so we get a highlight reel of each man. Vaudevillains begin the show against Hugo Knox and Trevor Knight. Knox looks like EC3, but in purple and white polka dots and with lots of ink on his right side. Knight is a big fat guy. Fat guy never gets a chance to shine and just eats all of their offense and the Whirling Dervish wins. A generic brunette man interview Emma and Dana. They knocked Diona Perazzo losing to Asuka and Emma says she'll win while Dana does the head pat.

Finn vs. Neville is hyped up with a big recap of Finn's NXT run. Jesus this was great. The Demon and Balor Club dynamic was shown off and he just looked like a megastar. The Revival beating of Enzo in the parking lot is recapped. Big Cass cut a promo outside and Cass is angry-ish. Revival says they won the gold the hard way - being the best, but they already gave them a shot. And then they announced that at Roadblock, the titles are on the line - well, that's odd. Emma comes down in her hot purple and white getup. Santana Garrett comes out to this theme that sounds EXACTLY like Emma's theme for some reason.

Tieup exchange starts things off before Emma gets an edge via slight cheating. Emma clubs her back and gets a butterfly suplex. Emma kicks her and gets some mounted punches. Corey is fantastic - "Words of wisdom from Dana - not quite sure what they were, but they were wise!". Santana comes back with elbows, knees, a lariat, and a Russian legsweep. Handspring elbow hits in the corner. Santana gets crotched up top and put into a tree of woe for stomping. Curb stomp and the Emma lock win. 

Regal meets with Nia and Eva - since they want to be big stars, they'll face Bayley and Asuka. Regal excuses himself to meet NXT's latest signing. Edge and Christian Show ad with Jaleel White and Luke Perry. Wow. Regal announces Aries, who gets a pretty epic theme song. He walks out and Baron jumps him. This is great - Baron gets to learn from a top-flight worker and keep his indy-hater gimmick alive. End of Days on the floor seals Austin's fate. Aries's logo on his arm in a giant tattoo looks weird.

Drifter beats someone. Hype Bros promo on the Vaudevillains. Neville intro leads to an EPIC BALOR INTRO. Tom talks about the Bullet Club coming to NXT. Lots of quick matwork to start. Neville gets a clothesline - and it's amazing how seeing him more grounded helps him seem more diverse. He's working as a subtle heel here, but eats a backdrop to the floor! Neville wins that battle and gets 2 in the ring. Neville gets a crossface, and a big chop battle ensues before Balor hits the Pele. Running apron punt from Balor hits! Neville gets 2 off of 2 Germans! Neville gets a kick and goes for the Red Arrow, but Balor comes up and hits him with one before hitting the flip dive. Neville recovers and goes for the Red Arrow, but Balor avoids it and hits the Slingblade. Neville does a Janetty bump off a lariat. Shotgun kick hits, and the double stomp sets up a Bloody Sunday win. A fun Joe vs. Zayn promo closes an okay, but nothing too special show.


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