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SD 7-19-13

SD's intro has been updated with Axel and Fandango. Teddy's out to announce that Vince is here...with no build at all. So the Vickie job evaluation deal did well in the ratings, and they're redoing in a way to make sure it can't be a boost to this show. Teddy's look of sheer sadness when Booker came out was glorious. WHAT'S UP UNIVERSE!? from Booker was hilarious. Vince has the world's most blue suit on and is even more animated than usual. Teddy made Jericho-Axel in a rematch from a couple of weeks ago, only for the title. Booker made AL-BERTO DEL RIO against Orton. It feels like they've had five million matches against each other. Maddox rushed out to the Raw theme and sadly not a drumroll. He wants to be the GM of both shows...after one week as GM of Raw. Amazing. Maddox and his pit stains announced the SD return of RVD, who got a huge chant. This return is working out way better than expected based on his indy and TNA work. And then Vince made Vickie the SD GM. Well, he did say people were wrong for not wanting her as Raw GM. Vickie hates these fans because she was voted out of a job on. Crazy with power Vickie is so much more enjoyable than wacky comedy act Vickie. LOL @ her saying she's the permanent GM. A #faceziggler sign made air. And Heyman will once again be on MizTV.

Swagger vs. Dolph is the opener for some reason. No promo from Dolph about the breakup and attack. He's just all happy and such. Cole hyped this match up as being due to Dolph's concussion being caused by Swagger. Great story. Shame they didn't tell it until after the match started. AJ and Big E are backstage. E's got an amazing white, red, and black vertically-striped shirt on. Pulldown>Euro uppercut by Cesaro...almost connected well. JBL called it perfectly by saying he didn't get all of it. Zen and Cesaro were ejected and even got the goodbye song. Sunset flip from Dolph was countered into the ankle lock. Zig Zag hit, and all of this happened less than 2 minutes after ejecting the other folks, so I'm not really sure why they even bothered with that. Now we're getting Dolph on the stick. I'm sorry...I DIDN'T DO IT SOONER. Wow. AJ's batshit crazy reaction was way better than the promo, as was Big E looking terrified to try and touch her. Big E did, hugged her, went to kiss her on the lips, but gave her a peck on the forehead instead. THIS WAS ADORABLE. Rollins and Reigns came down and a cute chick looked super-excited to touch Rollins. They have a rematch with the Usos because...why not.

Match never really got started as Ambrose ran down and they all attacked the Usos before Henry came out to solidify his face turn and presumably set up a 6-man tag at Summerslam. The U-SO bit didn't just get one big reaction, but three, so this feud has really helped them come off as stars.Thanks to the Usos, Henry was able to survive this beating. The Orton-Alberto match graphic features some terrible Photoshopping with Orton and the case. Barrett got a jobber intro while THE WWE APP, THE NEW-WAY TO WATCH TV got a an install video and it opens up A WHOLE NEW WORLD TO YOU. Bryan got a huge YES chant the second his theme hit, and they just kept doing it. It's amazing to see the legs that one bit has,a nd now it's at about its peak level again. Sadly, the chant stopped once the match started. Then the DANIEL BRYAN chants broke out. Cole talked about getting into the "interesting history between Cena and Bryan at Summerslam, which we'll get into over the next few weeks.". So I guess they'll talk about the Nexus, which sure would've been nice to tie into this match since it would make it seem more important. Crucifix>Yes Lock got the win. Loved Vickie slapping the everloving shit out of Brad backstage. That was stiff and awesome. World's better than anything Henry did to the Shield. Miz TV is next.

Miz and Heyman have good chemistry together. Heyman really should be his manager, since he's at least got more personality than Axel and is much easier to hate than the guy who is proud to be IC Champion because his father was. Cole did some poorly-ADRed exposition about what happened on Raw between Punk, Heyman, and Brock. I loved Miz's "YOU SWORE ON YOUR CHILDREN, AND YOU. LIED!" line. I loved this leading to him bragging about Axel beating Miz at the PPV, and then getting the hour 1 main event going. Jericho kicked some ass to lead to an ad break. Generic chinlock from Axel brought it back. Loved the bulldog getting countered into an irish whip, then leading to the Whatevercutter. JBL was awesome putting over the Walls as possibly leading to a historic 10th title reign for a legend. Loved Jericho preventing Heyman from coming in, causing him to get kicked and hit with the wacky reverse Whatevercutter. That finisher looks really stupid. This was a perfectly fine match, but nothing special. I applaud Jericho for doing whatever he can to use his last match to be an on-paper big win for Axel, but it didn't feel like a huge deal. Loved him also using his last night to further put Ryback over. Meathook looked stiff and it's nice to at least see Ryback used in an injury angle that makes him look strong.

Sandow being indignant, but forgiving towards Cody was great. He forgives Cody for everything. How kind of him. He offered him the title of PROTECTOR OF THE CASE! He has the honor of not only hauling it around with him, but also ensuring its safety. Loved him grabbing the case and then just bonking him in the head with it. This is the best team breakup since Miz-Riley. RVD's on SD FOR THE FIRST TIME IN EIGHT YEARS. Good lord has the industry changed a ton since then. RVD's matches haven't. Standard RVD squash. Kick setup cradle. Kick. Standing moonsault. PLANCHA of all things in this. Titus's whistle matches their gear now. Springboard kick led to the Five star. Perfectly fine AWA-style showcase squash. Wyatts beatdown from Raw is replayed.Vickie met with Teddy, who was ejected by giant guards. Well, he was a prick to Vickie last week. Alberto and Orton had every match they've ever had together again. RKO won and wow did this ever make the world champ seem secondary. Orton could now easily make a claim for a title shot at Alberto, then get the WWE Title too. It's amazing to see him get a main event-level push again after that year+ in the mid-card. JBL calling Alberto ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME was something. He's not even the best guy to play wacky rich dude ON THIS SHOW.

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