Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WWE Main Event 7-24-13

Show started with Sheamus coming out and Miz bragging about being the host of SummerSlam. Zeb came out and made wetback jokes while talking about having NIGHT VISION GOGGLES ON ALL NIGHT and seeing folks cross the border because they're in Texas. According to Miz, Sheamus's plan is to keep the pain away from Swagger. Sheamus hit the Finlay roll mid-ring, but fell to a kneebreaker on the steps for an ad break. They came back and talked about how Swagger was attacking THAT INJURED KNEE/LEG/KNEE. Irish Curse hurts Sheamus about as much as just stop doing it until your leg heals. Love that big herc-up and toss deal from Swagger. Love him just beating up the leg with stomps and clubbing blows, and Miz saying "HE'S GOING FOR ONE OF HIS SIGNATURE LOCKS!" when he locked in the Patriot Lock. I wasn't aware of him having more than one lock in his arsenal. I like the ref asking him if he wants to save his career and tap. Brogue Kick wins. This went 20 minutes, and didn't drag, but also wasn't very good or memorable.

A great Punk-Heyman recap vid aired and after the break, Sin Cara came out with a bright red hoodie. I love Josh saying that 3MB wants at least one of their songs to be the Summerslam theme...despite them having none recorded. Sin Cara in his Big Red Gum gear. Apron enzuiguri from Sin Cara sends Drew into a flip sell into the ring. I love him turning into a mini-Dolph with his selling. For the second time, Miz talks about it all being about getting the W in WWE. Love Sin Cara diving onto all three guys, getting caught and chucked back into the ring. KNEELING RANA DRIVER from Sin Cara gets the win. Holy shit that ruled. It's also easily his best finisher in WWE.

Miz has a black and purple graph paper suit on. Did he go on an early Genesis spree and decide he needed as many possible color combinations for its cover art style in suit form? Bryan-Cena recap vid. Bryan-Cesaro was relegated to about four moves. The Cena-Ryback table match stuff got more time than Bryan's gauntlet. Sandow and his smashed up MITB case are out. That case is really quite mangled. I hope the contract doesn't fly out during a strong wind. Gabriel's new theme is outstanding. Not sure what to make of the jacket. It's at least so bad, it's good, but I'm not sure if it's quite to the level of his Mork getup from NXT.

According to Miz, when you're Mr. MITB, EVERYONE WANTS YOU. You get movies, TV shows, magazines, and have a chance to become a championship! Nice abdominal stretch by Sandow. I'm sure Mr. Sandow would scold Miz for saying he was "working on that abs." Running knee to the gut before the elbow of disdain. Grounded armbar/bodyscissors by Sandow.  Miz bragged about going from main eventing WM to HOSTING SUMMERSLAM. He's at least making the most of a bad situation, I'll give him that much. Standing Sea Fire into a Final Cut from Gabriel. Wow. Time to update his WWE '13 moveset. Nice STO from Gabriel. Spinkick countered into the Edge-O-Matic from Sandow. O Conner roll gets 2, giant elbow sends Sandow back, but he still wins with a full nelson slam. Really fun match and I hope they give Gabriel at least an IC-level push at some point.

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