Monday, July 15, 2013


WHC MITB match was crazy stuff. Ambrose, Cody, and Cesaro came off with their stocks higher after it due to what they did. Cody was an organic babyface throughout it and I loved his dropkick to stop the stack-up grab attempt by the Real Americans. Crazy pulldown>Euro uppercut stuff ruled too, and should make for a good tag finisher since Swagger can just chuck fools off the top like a rocket launcher into the uppercut. Ambrose skinning the cat was something new, and this was easily the highlight reel match of the night. I'd like to see Ambrose use the draping headlock driver as a finisher at some point, and I'm looking forward to Sandow as Mr. MITB. His promos alone should be glorious.

The Maddox deal went on for ages, but at least had a funny video. Axel-Miz was a match. Glad Axel won. Hopefully his redone McGullicutter gets a name and he can actually beat dudes with it on a regular basis. AJ-Kaitlyn was decent, and aided by just being about the arm since it kept things simple. Ryback-Jericho was okay, but the schoolboy, beyond being overused, seemed to at least set up a future match on Raw or SD where Ryback can send him backing with his proper finishing sequence and/or a post-match assault.

Alberto-Dolph was really good and the crowd was shockingly hot for it. Alberto as an antagonist at this semi-main event level works well. The DQ finish was an effective way to set up the Dolph-AJ split and also have Dolph lose when he can't afford to. I'm not sure why Cole said HE'S GOT THE KNEE BRACE EXPOSED, THIS IS AWFUL or somesuch during a superkick attempt, but whatever.

Cena-Henry told a fine story and I hope Henry brings back the giant swing into his regular rotation. Speaking of which, him only doing one revolution with it was surprisingly since Cesaro did like a dozen of them, and into the barricade at that, not too long ago. WWE Title MITB was less of a spectacle, but saw Sheamus come off as a tough guy for enduring some sick bumps. RVD looked as much like the RVD of old as humanly possible, and even busted out a splash from the top of the super-high ladder. He ate some good stuff here, and timed the pulldown>RKO finish perfectly. I loved the Heyman heel-er turn on Punk, and the timing of everything in it was glorious. Sick amount of blood from Punk too. Each ladder match was satisfying in a different way, with the WWE Title one progressing more stories and the WHC one being crazier.

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