Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WWE Main Event 7-10-13

Miz is doing commentary, but is thankfully being talked over by Zeb. Josh is amazed that Zeb is against Twitter. Much like Tajiri, Cesaro now hails from an entire country. Miz's commentary involves him stopping mid-sentence to spout a different cliché. Also, if you've been in MITB, it gives you an advantage. A definitive advantage. An advantage that may in fact be advantageous.Cesaro's deadlift gutwrench suplex was crazy - he just lifted him up high into the air and dropped him - then hit the double stomp on the back while Dolph was rolling over. Miz talked about Cena and RVD making the mistake of giving their opponent a head's up on cashing in, and then just trailed off when talking about RVD winning. Crazy abdominal stretch by Cesaro is bending Dolph around like he's Gumby. Miz says that Cesaro is "just strength, HE HAS THAT BRUTE ABILITY". Deadlift superlex got 2 for Cesaro. Miz's string was pulled and he talked about their "impressive movements.". Swagger prevented a pin after the Zig Zag, so Dolph got a DQ win. This was a really good match technically, but would've been a lot better with JBL instead of Miz on commentary. Outstanding Henry-Cena recap.

Tons of Funk came out and Miz made a DDR reference. They're teaming with Khali against Heath and Team Rhodes Scholars. TRS left and Heath got beat by Khali. This was nothing. Great vid for the Wyatts spliced in their vignettes with the attack nicely. Vickie's firing gets a recap vid with EXCUSED and Vickie being angry as the preview image...WATCH TO SEE IF SHE WAS FIRED! Even in highlight form, this segment refused to end. 


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