Wednesday, June 10, 2015

ROH 6-10-15

The Addiction cuts a promo backstage, then mid-ring on ReDRagon where they can join THE MULKEYS and the Conquistadors at the back of the line if they don't face them tonight since Fish is hurt. Kyle's out and he'll fight them on his own. He runs wild with strikes and subs. After lots of stuff, Kyle gets a sweet missile dropkick to both guys seated on a chair at ringside. Butterfly suplex trifecta leads to an armbar before a beltshot DQ. Sydal and ACH make the save. DALTON CASTLE VS. JUSHIN LIGER IS NEXT!

Mark Briscoe talks about Dijack with some words - HE A 30 YEAR OLD MAN WHO BEEN WRESTLING FOR HALF HIS LIFE! DEY GONNA DO THEY THING AND HE GON' WHOOP DAT ASS AND PEOPLE WILL TAKE AN OSTRICH IN A BIRD FIGHT! YES, it's Dalton Castle! Dal-ton Castle chant! IKARI NO JYUSHIN! Liger gets a wacky submission and then the surfboard. Dalton shoves him to the floor and teases a dive before doing the goofy walk. Palm strike by Liger! Backdrop to the floor sends Liger out and gets an ad break.


Impact ad break during ROH. Dalton gets some punches and is backdropped over the ropes. FLIP DIVE BY LIGER! LIGER POSES WITH THE BOYS! Dalton's pissed. Liger gets a super rana for 2. Ligerbomb gets 2! Brainbuster hits for the win - this was super-fun. The boys fan Dalton off after the loss. Liger and Dalton hug - I loved this. Brutal Burgers explode! Great Cary-tron for Cheeseburger! Strange bit with Corino saying CB would be 135 if he was soaking wet with "a diaper full of poo". Love Bob being so perfectly out of shape - he looks awful cosmetically, but can go and is in ring shape. Fun match here with Brutal Bob SIDESLAMMING BURGER OFF THE APRON! Wow. Bullet Club vs. Kingdom is next, BUT FIRST, Lethal has words about the title vs. title match. Jay Briscoe talks about Lethal and how if they try anything funny, he'll kick his ass.

Addiction vs. ReDRagon happens at Best in the World. Maria's ass and her team are out in bright green. Huge chant for the Bullet Club. Love seeing how Doc has come into his own in this whole deal - great surprise for him and wrestling as a whole since he's so great now. Red Shoes from New Japan is the ref. Karl chases Maria as Doc elbows Taven. Taker dive to the Biz Cliz by Taven! Gun Stun on the floor is largely missed, but Doc's F5 on the apron isn't.

Back and forth offense takes Karl down mid-ring. Dive from Taven to the floor is hard to see due to the lighting. Karl shoves the ref, then Bennett does the same. Frye-Takayama exchange leads to a double ref shove. NOW it's a no contest. Maria saves Taven from their finish on the chair, but nearly eats it herself before Bennett saves her. Fine booty shots here.


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