Monday, June 1, 2015

WWE Raw 6-1-15

Tonight got some post-PPV fallout - I honestly have no idea what's on tap because I had my phone off at work during a 10 hour day and just got home 2 minutes before the show ended. Dean-Seth recap. Great shots of Seth and Dean here.

FUCK YES, THE AUTHORITY STARTS RAW WITH A PROMO! They're all mad Dean stole the belt. Roman's smilin and clapping. Clearly the New Day is a positive influence on The Big Dog's life. Roman says Dean wants a ladder match at MITB for the title. TONS of mic feedback and robot sounds from Steph here. Boy, this WWE Champion sure has lost to a lot of guys. And has some big flaws too. Thanks for pointing them out, Roman! The mic screwing up is making this so much funnier. Kane insulted Seth while ranting. Woo...more build for Seth Rollins vs. Kane in 2015! Steph told Roman who he thought he was, and HHH repeated her and said he's one of the participants in the MITB long as he doesn't lose tonight.

CAN ROMAN REIGNS BEAT THE MAN THAT R-TRUTH WAS ABLE TO PIN LAST NIGHT, AND THE WEEK BEFORE LAST!? Roman Reigns is selling for a man who has lost two matches to Truth in the past month. This seems wrong. POST-BREAK CHINLOCK BY BARRETT and we're told that he dominated Roman during the break. They punched and punched and punched and punched and punched. Roman's bringing back Ted Jr's fake out lariat - nice. Roman ducks the elbow and spears him for the win. Shocking, I know. Cole said that Owens-Cena was ONE OF THE BIGGEST MATCHES EVER! Steph and HHH clap for the big dog. He has to beat Henry tonight too.

First Roman vs. Barrett AND NOW ROMAN VS. HENRY. Oh WWE, you spoil us so. Can Nikki please go back to being a bitch please? Because whatever this current character is sucks. Paige points out that she was the rightful top contender before. They'll have a match later. The IC Belt looks good on the Ryback. He's being forced to defend against Miz tonight. OH PLEASE WWE, YOU SPOIL US SO!

Ryback's out, then Miz, and then Show comes out. YES BIG GUY VS BIG SHOW. Thank God there's no match going on before this or anything. Show KOed Miz and Show said he'll beat Ryback. It's amazing how much younger Big Show looks compared to Ryback. Owens is out next.

THE CHAMP came out with his nuts and bolts KO shirt. Owens says his wife was happy, but his son's a huge John Cena fan.  Kevin's upset that John's the hero of his son and he isn't because he wasn't on WWE TV each week. Owens makes a great deal of good points and Cena just tells him to shut up. Cena also tried to get a ton of hashtags over, including DEBUT OF THE DECADE. Could Kevin Owens please beat this man up so he can make some more valid points? Cena, the 265 pound bodybuilder chiseled out of stone really understands the plight of the underdog in wrestling. Owens was great here, and Cena...I don't know quite what he was other than passionate.

Tag chamber recap. New Day's out. Can HB-Shizzle superkick these men please?
Dolph-Kofi is up - didn't they have a best of 10,000 series a few years ago? They each hit dropkicks and then Kofi did a chinlock. Dolph uses the tights after Kofi did it to him and wins. And then we get a beatdown and the PTPs come out to make it a 6-man tag. Titus beats up fuckers and wins with Test's old pumphandle powerslam.

Big Dog's out for match 2 and it leads to a recap of tonight's Big Dog-related events. Henry dominates for a bit, but Roman battles back with punches, corner clotheslines, and a diving lariat. So if a Reigns loss means he's out, why not send someone out to just punch Henry? Big Dog Dive gives Roman a countout win. Henry gets a world's strongest slam and a splash. So Henry's a heel again. For this segment anyway.

HHH and Steph said it probably hurts Roman, and he should keep the vest on and he'll face Bray. Meta Powers shoot a Sonic ad with Mandow in YET ANOTHER OUTFIT THAT SAVAGE WOULD'VE NEVER WORN! New Day was great, but holy fuckballs is this Meta Powers thing awful. Nikki "beat" Paige via Twin Magic.


Orton got a jobber intro against Sheamus. They did some moves for a bit before a break. Orton accidentally goes through the motion of a powerslam...why? After several minutes of more moves, Sheamus kicked ass on the floor and hit him with a chair. Rusev says he has no title, career, or woman. He has nothing. He's just a broken man with a broken ankle, broken spirit, and he's crushed. NXT TITLE CHALLENGE ON TV! Nice. Bo wants to hurt THEMANTHATGRAVITYFORGOTTHENEWSENSATIONNEVILLE. So after TWO CLEAN WINS FOR NEVILLE, this feud must continue. Neville won with his flippy-do. This show hasn't exactly engendered much goodwill. Tough Enough laughing stock ad. Just think - WWE broadcast THIS on USA and wondered why they couldn't get NASCAR money from them.

Bray and Roman hit each other a bunch. After about a minute of action, the Authority came down. Bray ate the big bodyblock. They punched some more. Crowd chanted for Ambrose. Then Roman did some corner lariats. Superman punch leads to goons around ringside. Roman tosses Bray into Kane and spears him for the win. Holy Jesus was this ever an exhausting show. They spent OVER THREE HOURS to get to the same point we were at before - Roman is in MITB. Dean shows up to save. "WHERE IS HE!? HE'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!" Well, this was stuff.

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  1. Do u have the mitb match card pix for Seth vs Dean that was aired on raw tonight and if u do can u send it to me