Thursday, June 11, 2015

WWE SD 6-11-15

I was planning to cover this earlier, but wound up falling asleep from 8 until 10 PM, and I had to do a Hardcore Gamer staff meeting at 10. Given the death of Dusty, I didn't really want to watch it anyway, but I'll get through it now just to get it out of the way. Dean comes out with the belt and tries to rattle off French for "let the good times roll" and they run things down from Raw. Seth runs down, Dean gives him the belt and tells him "it's just a replica!" Dean isn't quite sure where he left the title, and it feels like it's only Tuesday for him for some reason - ha! Kane comes out and makes Seth-Dolph. MITB guys 6-man tag is also on tap. Ryback beats Miz after a few minutes of action with the Shellshock. Big Business Casual Show came down and talked smack, and left. Barrett-Swagger is interrupted by Truth as a minstrel - Barrett wins.

Cole interview with Lana is interrupted by Rusev, who definitely shouldn't be kicking things with his bad foot. Seth beats Dolph in the hour one main event with a crossbody rollthrough holding the tights. Fun Paige-Fox match is won by Paige with the PTO. PTPs cut a promo and Titus talks about D-Young's coming out party being last summer, and theirs being this Sunday as they leave with the titles. Roman, Orton, and Neville faced Kofi, Sheamus, and Kane. Love Sheamus now doing three of the Irish Curse backbreakers in a row. Mid-air Superman punch to Kofi results in a DQ thanks to New Day. Neville dives to the pile of guys off a ladder in the ring to the floor. Twas a show.

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