Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ROH 6-17-15

Lethal-Jay signing later and we get The Decade against War Machine. Colby's going to replace BJ, who was greeted by "child raper" chants. Colby slaps Rowe, who tells him he's not ready, so he tags in Hanson for a tilt a whirl. Rowe pie-faces him to not hurt him, but instead backbreakers him, gutbusters him, and powerbombs him to death! Page turns back on Colby, who eats a back suplex/legdrop version of Demolition Decapitation. WHY COULDN'T THESE MEN BE THE ASCENSION!? They're awesome! Cedric is mid-ring and he says he's not a breakout star, he needs to pick up wins. Mic is being weird here with the audio - almost auto-tuning him.

He calls out Moose and Corino name-drops every '80s jobber ever. Elgin vs. Strong vs. Moose is a top contender's match on PPV. Moose dropkick sends him to the floor for a break. Super-fun match here. Multiple corner dropkicks by Cedric including some kneeling ones! He goes for one too many and eats a spear, but it only gets 2. Veda gives Moose a wrench, but Moose doesn't want to use it - Cedric hits him AND ENDS THE STREAK! They set up Veda as "the only person Moose needs" and he's tried to be his own man, so they furthered this whole story perfectly.

ACH is out in a ridiculous red jacket and yellow sun hat to team with Sydal. Apparently, ACH is in a One Piece outfit. They're out to face Naito and Tanahashi! Back and forth Sydal and Tana stuff leads to a Sydal kneebar. Tana misses a dropkick and eats a standing moonsault for 2. ACH and Naito start off with holds and then go to strikes before awful eye puns due to Naito. After a break, a Naito sideslam gets 2. Super double stomp by ACH! Sydal tags in and gets a flying bronco buster and a pop-up rana gets 2. Tana Germans him off a standing moonsault attempt!

Tags are made and Tana takes a German for 2. Liontamer cloverleaf is on and Sydal gets a flying knee to break it up. Air Jordan dive from ACH takes out Naito and Tana. SSP from Sydal gets 2! Springboard off the ropes into a DDT from Naito. Slingblade to ACH sets up the High Fly Flow for the win! This was fun.

Contract signing time. Nigel with a full of hair is bizarre. Lethal looks so slick in his velvet jacket and hat. Press photographers "from around the world" are here, and are apparently not only invisible, but silent and without cameras. Nigel calls this the biggest match in ROH history and asks for final words. Jay Lethal says that signing this contract is the biggest Briscoe mistake since the one his parents made 31 years ago. Briscoe says he gonna whoop dat ass and he'll have to be Black Machismo. In the staredown, Lethal says he made the World TV Title important, while the title is all that makes Briscoe important.


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