Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ROH 6-24-15


Nigel is out for commentary tonight - yay! "Mr. ROH" Roderick Strong is out to face SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! Lots of chinlock variants, Strong gets an Olympic slam for 2. APRON KNEE BY NAKAMURA! They fight to the floor and the roaming lights actually see them for an ad break. Mid-ring forearm exchange hits before a big bow and arrow punch from Swagsuke hits and takes Roddy down. Roddy gets a series of running knees in the corner and a double knee backbreaker for a 2.5! Bodyscissors sleeper is locked onto Roddy! Diving knee off the second rope by Nakamura, but he can't cover! Double knee gutbuster hits as does the Strong Hold, but Nak gets the ropes. SICK KICK HITS FOR A 2.9! Forearms lead to a tossing suplex countered into a running knee for 1! Strong gets one of his own, but Nakamura responds with a big knee for the win!

Gedo is out to face Elgin. They all but tell you that Elgin's out to impress Gedo here to get a spot in New Japan, but make it work nicely. Gedo HAS BEEN WRESTLING since 1989 and looks younger than Elgin. Elgin powers out of a go-behind and eats punches to the nose. Elgin gets an inside-out delayed suplex. Somersault senton misses for Elgin. Elgin wins with the powerbomb. The Bullet Club teams up to face Okada and RPG Vice!


Love Nigel asking what he can get for $10,000 in Okada bucks in Rappongi. AJ and Okada start things off quickly and then RPG Vice and the Bucks go even faster. Baretta takes a billion years to do something on the apron, and he rightfully eats a superkick for being a moron. Nice corner kick counter by Trent into a double stomp. Rocky tags in and runs wild. Rocky no-sells a superkick and responds with a big lariat! Doc yells about them CHANGING THE BUSINESS! Okada and AJ are in and AJ eats the Alabama slam setup-neckbreaker. SUPERKICK BY NICK! Slingshot gutbuster into a springboard dropkick by RPG Vice!
DOOMSDAY DEVICE SHINING WIZARD ON THE FLOOR OFF THE APRON TO MATT! Bloody Sunday to Okada! Okada spins out of a sunset flip attempt INTO THE TOMBSTONE!  AJ rolls through a Rainmaker and a blind tag leads to Nick coming in after AJ eats the top rope dropkick. Outside-in facebuster leads to the moonsault to the floor. More Bang is avoided by a blind tag and a super German!

Okada can't get the Rainmaker on Matt, but AJ gets the springboard elbow. Crazy exchange where Trent's driver is countered by a superkick and Rocky eats a superkick coming off the top. AJ flips through the superkick to go for the Clash, but Okada dropkicks him! Everyone fights, AND THE FACES EAT SUPERKICKS! Okada fights all three with forearms, but we get more superkicks! Triple team inverted tombstone INTO THE MELTZER DRIVER, SUPERKICKS, AND A STYLES CLASH FOR THE WIN. This was so so so so so much fun. Love Corino going 1-2-SWEET!


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