Monday, June 29, 2015

TNA Slammiversary 2015

Tenay is joining Pope and Josh on commentary. DJZ faces Manik and Uno in an X Title 3-way. Sloppy match here, with Uno nearly dropping DJZ on his head doing...something like a reverse rack driver in the corner. German into a buckle leads to a springboard something or other off the ropes for a win for Uno. Robbie cuts a weird chicken promo for his match against Jessie "The Man" Godderz and his new furry robe. After several minutes of whatever, Robbie wins with a scorpion death drop. Fat Hardy cuts a promo about being exciting to be here. Okay then. Morgan vs. Bram. Fuck this. Bram wins with the Brighter Side of Suffering on chairs. Riveting.

 Tyrus and EC3 talk to JB. Aries and Davey go at it to make a stip for a match already taped. Good going through the motions match here with Aries winning via distraction schoolboy. Dollhouse vs. Brooke and Kong. Taryn's gear is now lingerie - nice. Kong actually did some stuff here, including a cross body block. Magnus says that he doesn't hate James, he LOVES HIS FAMILY and he loves his family more than he hates Storm. Oh, and they're both leaving. They had a walk and brawl with a crazy spot.

Magnus put Storm on a table and then flew through the air and missed the elbow on the floor. Magnus survive a billion superkicks. Horrible bump for Storm onto a barricade bridge against some chairs. Double beer bottle bash results in Storm winning by falling. Production went all wonky with them losing audio. Tyrus and EC3 faces Lashley and Anderson, resulting in them talking about OVW and WWE ECW. Tyrus nearly dropped Lashley on his head on a suplex. Tyrus jiggles like Homer setting up the spike. EC3 sneaks in, gets his finisher and wins. EC3 grabs a replica from a fan and holds it up - TNA's replicas look fantastic.

 JB, Jeff, and Karen's sideboob cut a nice promo backstage. They played this up like a retirement match, and boy would that title just being the Global title again have more meaning here - or they'll just name it that again. Whatever. They didn't bother releathering the TV Title, so it's got that weird nasty rust brown look to it. Jeff beats up EY to a "you still got it" chant. Roode schoolboys Jeff to get a shot to climb. Kryptonite Krunch tower of doom hits. PILEDRIVER OFF THE APRON ONTO A LADDER BRIDGE TO JEFF. Jesus.
Jeff sneaks in and wins the match while Josh and Pope talk about WHAT THIS MEANS FOR TNA. Well, it's been a nothing title since literally day one. In the KOTM form, it's been around for one day, so I'm sure the company will least in the sense this isn't hurting any part of the company in any way. I liked Jeff celebrating with his family in the ring - that was a good moment for him after so many years of turmoil between losing his first wife, gaining Karen, losing TNA, and then creating GFW.


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