Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ROH 6-3-15

Briscoes start the show with a promo on the House of Truth. Will Ferrara, the guy Seth pushed on Raw, faces KUSHIDA! ROH's production is quite good, even without DA putting any money into the show for at least this set of tapings. Flip exchange leads to some kicks from each man. Delayed pumphandle over the rope leads to more KUSHIDA kicks. After a few more minutes of things, KUSHA wins with the Kimura. The Addiction comes down and says that ReDRagon are part of the entitlement generation. Silus Young, the world's oldest-looking 34 year old, is out. He attacked Watanabe, leading to this match. After a series of suplexes, a Watabe chant breaks out. Silas avoids a superplex and gets a diving lariat. Corino is gobsmacked by Silas posters at ringside. FLIPPING GERMAN ON THE FLOOR BY WATANABE! Airplane spin TKO hits for Silas and he wins.


History of Moose's issues with BJ. MOOSE comes down and man does ROH look better in HD here than on local TV. BJ says he won't end Moose's streak now - instead, he wants to teach his young boys. BJ volunteers Colby Corino! Colby has a perfect mix of douchey hair dye and tattoos. MOOSE IS GONNA KILL YOU! Colby slaps him and elbows him, so Moose just tosses him to the floor and then chucks him ass over teakettle into the barricade. Revolving door giant swing into the barricades! Moose powerbombs him into the apron and then onto the ropes for a slingshot powerbomb. Could he please not kill his body at 18? Powerbomb on the floor from Moose! VEDA SLAPS COLBY! Moose puts a foot on the chest for a win. Moose in WWE with the Goldberg push and this exact presentation would work just fine.

Jay and Martini talk outside with an EVERYTHING ON EARTH IS BLURRED part of the world due to all of the trucks. Dijack and J. Diesel are out to face the Briscoes. Love Jay just booting fuckers in the head. Doomsday Device wins. Post-match burning hammer leads to a Jay Driller.

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