Friday, June 19, 2015

WWE SD 6-18-15

Generic intro brings us to Sheamus saying words. Dean comes out, then Kane makes Sheamus and Kane vs. Dean. Roman comes in for a DQ after a few minutes of stuff. Roman said he doesn't run, and Bray's better find him before Roman finds him. Brie beats Paige thanks to Alicia Fox, who I think is a heel now after I think being a face for some reason.

Kevin Owens doesn't care about those who were upset about him not giving Dolph a title match, and since he won, that shouldn't matter. He feels like people should earn title match against him - and there won't be an NXT Title challenge tonight. Cesaro talks about Owens being all Talk Owens Talk, and wanting a fight.

Dolph and his reading partner Lana came down. Clearly all that time spent reading has paid off since Megadeth is spelled properly on his vest. He beat Bo, and Rusev was upset over them kissing. Neville and the PTPs beat the New Day in a nothing match. Seth comes out and talks for a bit about facing Brock. Roman and Dean talk about Bray, and Roman needs to go home to his girl.

Cesaro vs. Owens ruled. I love Cesaro getting a big lariat and now wearing an arm sleeve. He got a suicide dive, but did a bit of a flip there that could've gone badly. Springboard uppercut is back! Alpamare Waterslide hits for 2. Pop-up powerbomb hits for the win. This was short-ish, but easily the best SD match in a while. Dusty tribute. Kane and Sheamus vs. Reigns and Ambrose was a perfectly fine little match until Bray sang and Sheamus kicked Roman's head off. Shockingly, none of this makes Roman seem like THE MAN.


  1. Do u have screen shots of roh best in the world and if u do I hope u got some hot shots of Maria kanellis

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