Thursday, June 25, 2015

WWE SD 6-25-15

A five minute long recap of Raw airs summing up Brock and Seth. Jey's out on commentary. Seth and Kane and Mercury came out and talked. Ryback was reprimanded for attacking Show, so he came out to talk. Sheamus and Dolph had every match they've ever had, but with a slightly new finish - Dolph ate the kick on the top rope. Alicia beat Naomi, who I think was a face here. Bo and New Day clapped, but Bo was off.

Kane vs. Ryback is up, but Show destroys Ryback first. Ryback comes back, but eats a superkick to the chest for a DQ. TE recap. PTPs and the Lucha Dragons face New Day and Bo. Kalisto flipped around a ton, Sin Cara dove to the floor, and a Kalisto springboard 450 won. Seth and Dean had a pretty fun match, but cheating allowed Seth to win with a Pedigree.

Screens -


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