Friday, June 5, 2015

WWE SD 6-4-15

I planned to watch this after work, and then I got home and thought "the last thing I want to do after a long day of work is watch SmackDown", so let's run through this now and minimize the loss of time spent watching it. Recap of the Dean-Seth saga for the week. Seth comes out to talk alone - ala Eddie in '05, but minus the crowd really caring. He. Just. Talked. Slowly. About. The history of. His Character. Dean interrupting him with the belt is great - him just holding the belt instead of being champion somehow results in him being booked stronger than the champion. This would've been really awesome on Raw, and there's no good reason they couldn't have actually done it there. Roman faces Sheamus.

PTPs vs. Ascension vs. Lucha Dragons was a match. Titus is perfect as a tag guy just running wild for short bursts. Pumphandle slam beats Viktor. The New Day talked about their future being as bright as a rising sun on a NEW DAY. Kofi as a sarcastic little shit is wonderful. Kane says Kofi will face THEMANTHATGRAVITYFORGOTTHENEWSENSATIONNEVILLE. PTPs Sonic ad. MILLIONS OF SHAKES MILLIONS OF SHAKES! Sonic has 25, but Titus is just rounding up. Miz doesn't audition, but does like the shake. Show has tried every flavor, but he needs inspiration - isn't he a main event-level heel? Why is he doing this shit? Oh, and he's friendly here too.

Ryback killed Fuck Off Stardust. Paige does an interview with Renee warning the other divas. Harper and Rowan, well Harper, cut a promo. They're the reapers and it's time for everyone to pay for their sins. Owens destroyed Ryder in the NXT Title Open. Kofi and Neville had a very purple match. Nice moonsault to Kofi and Big E when E saved Kofi from the Red Arrow. Wacky rollup wins for Neville.

Miz TV with Lana was okay, then get got great when Rusev came down. Rusev should clearly not be traveling, and they made a huge mistake continuing his match with Ryback of all people. I love Rusev comparing their situation to "her favorite American song, Until It's Gone, You Don't Know What You Got Until It's Gone". He knows that America is all about second chances, and that's all he wants. Great NO chant here. "I'll show you where to put your crutch!" "YOU STUPID WOMAN COW! YOU STUPID! YOU PATHETIC STUPID!" Holy Jesus that was something else. Oh, and Dolph came out too.

Roman vs. Sheamus had some stiff-ish action before the break, with Roman OVERCOMING THE ODDS to avoid a countout. Love Sheamus just...rolling to avoid the apron dropkick. Kane boots Roman for a DQ and then chokeslams Sheamus too - he'll be in MITB and try to win it for the second time. Joy.

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