Wednesday, May 11, 2016

NXT 5-11-16

The era of Joe is run down, while we get a Riley-Nakamura graphic. Balor returns and gets a HUGE Bullet Club chant. Finn says their matches could've gone either way and then THE DRIFTER COMES DOWN. Finn kicks his ass and plays his guitar before tossing it at him. EY promo from dotcom saying he's a world-class maniac, a world-class wrestler, and a world-class athlete.

American Alpha vs. Hollis and Skyler. Great squash here. Crazy-rough wrestling takedowns and throws. So out of control and fun. Revival goes to distract, but AA aren't morons and beat their enemies anyway. Riley comes out to be massacred, and Nakamura has his glorious red getup on. Corey talks about NXT being the Kingdom of Strong Style - which is absolutely perfect. STOMPS AHOY after knees to the gut and face! Knee to the gut, inverted exploder and the KINSHASA ends it!

Aries chats with Regal and BAMF. Everyone argues and Regal makes BAMF against Aries and a partner of his choosing. Alexa comes down to face Rachel Ellering, or ELRING as the ring announcer calls her. Great armwork by Alexa and a Danielson-style curb stomp to the arm! Choking STO sends her down and the sparkle splash ends it. Brunette Interview Girl asks Bayley when she'll face Asuka - she's refocused and feels great. Nia talks smack and it looks like we'll get that again.

Elias comes out and Balor gets a big intro. Balor kicks his ass and beats him with 1916 - the former Bloody Sunday. Joe comes down to start shit, but Regal says it's his ring and there will be no chaos. On June 8, there will be a rematch. Regal's fiery promo was easily the best part of the show - kinda nothing episode, but damn was Nakamura's ass-whipping of Riley fun to watch.

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