Thursday, May 5, 2016

WWE NXT 5-4-16

Camp WWE ad before the show, shockingly not mentioning the usual five million disclaimers. The NXT intro needs some updating - as Sami and Crews are still in it. Joe comes out with his gold and a big "Joe!" chant. He says he's a man who does what he says he'll do and won the gold. It's his time and he runs things - and if anyone has a problem with it, he'll be happy to beat you down and choke you out. Eric Young comes out in his wacky TNA vest, a decent song, and a pretty good torn of his EY logo. EY says he knows Joe and he knows that Joe is the baddest man in the land. He's also the NXT Champion, and he collects championships. Joe shoulderbumps him and says he doesn't even belong in the same ring with him, but when they fight, he'll beat his ass.


Tessa Blanchard comes out to a really good theme to face Nia Jax. They're doing this deal now where they shoot her eyes in real-time to make them look like the tron. Doesn't work. Nothing match here - Samoan drop, legdrop. No Way Jose video. Already tired of this. Tye's out to face Aries. "Never has counting to 10 so much fun - THIS GUY COULD PUT SESAME STREET OUT OF BUSINESS!" Corey rules. Aries is in black, red, and grey gear - probably his best overall look. Lots of smooth matwork here - this should be good since both guys very talented. 
Armdrag into an arm lock by Aries. Tye corners him for a punch, but he eats a kick. Pendulum backbreaker by Tye gets 1. MASSIVE 10 chant breaks out. Series of short lariats by Aries take him down. Ear clap leads to an Eddie-style hilo. Corkscrew plancha by Aries leads to a second rope neckbreaker. Corner dropkick is met with a boot and Tye hits the over-the-knee DVD for 2. Tye reveals the knee, but eats a discus elbow, then a corner dropkick and a 450 wins it. Perfect match for both guys - they each looked strong.

Hype Bros. vs. The Revival. Basic '80s work by the Revival wears down the faces. Mojo runs wild with sloppy offense, and in bright neon green gear. Yowza. Shatter Machine beats Mojo. No Way Jose dances down. Dances in the ring during his moves. Rainmaker setup into a...full nelson slam-ish thing wins it. Awkward finish there - way too convoluted since it literally ends exactly where it begins, but there's a twirl in there because...dancing! Corey tells Noah the jobber to build an ark and sail away. Cathy interviews Aries in a very cleavagey dress. Aries has a banana in his left hand and he says that people don't know how to take him and he's flying under the radar - he always does that and finds his way to the top anyway. He thanks her for the time, but needs to replenish his potassium levels. Joe vs. EY is next. Balor returns next week.

EY debuts new long tights, which look far better than his tiny tights. Tom talks about EY being a world champion, being a champion in all divisions, loved, hated, paranoid, and crazy. And that's all within just two years! EY and Joe basically have an Impact match - just with lighting, a crowd, and crowd noise. Not much to it beyond Joe TOSSING EY OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR. Well, if you want a WWE gig, go all-out. Suicide dive by Joe. Corner charge and the high kick get 2 for Joe. Inverted atomic drop, high kick, and a senton get 2. Corner punches rain down on EY. EY fires back and lands some punches and a European uppercut before a back elbow sends EY down. Flying forearm takes Joe down. Snap suplex nearly drops Joe on his head. Flying elbow hits for 2.5 - and it is one of the better flying elbows out there. ST-Joe in the corner. Corner slaps and then the muscle buster lead to the choke and the win. This was a pretty fun show, but not a must-watch.

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