Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sony a6300 Impressions

Sony's mirrorless cameras have given users the power of an interchangable lens camera with a smaller form factor more familiar to users of point and shoot cameras. Their compact size beguiles their power, and users just getting into a world of photography beyond point and shoots will find a lot to love about them. 2014's A6000 brought mirrorless cameras into many new hands, and the A6300 follows up on it brilliantly by speeding up the auto-focus, improving the image sensor, and adding 4K video support.

A6000 users looking to upgrade will be right at home, as the control layout is very similar - only now you have an AF/MF toggle switch. Holding it in the hand is fairly comfortable, but the smaller size can lead to some issues if you have larger hands. As someone with bigger hands, I do prefer to hold a DSLR because it fits my hand better. However, for the feature set, the A6300 really can't be beaten for the price. The slightly-rubberized grip on the right-hand side is fine, but feels very thin. The body itself is slightly more weather-resistant than the A6000, although it isn't exactly waterproof - but a couple of raindrops hitting it shouldn't impact it as it does have more weather-sealing than the A6000.
For photo-centric users, the 11 frame per second mode with the viewfinder is outstanding - and it retains the A6000's 8 frames per second in live view as well. Video shooters will be happy with 4K footage at 30 FPS, while you can get up to 120 FPS with 1080p - perfect for anyone covering an athletic event of any type. With a $1,000 price tag for a body-only version, you're probably better off either buying one with a kit lens or buying it body-only and then seeing if your retailer has any used/open box lenses on sale - that way you can get more shooting versatility without breaking the bank.

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