Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TNA Impact Wrestling 5-10-16

Josh and Pope welcome us to the show at ringside talking about Lashley being no. 1 contender. Jeff comes out in a black and purple getup with bright red paint just kinda thrown on his face. Decay comes out and yammers on. Rosemary says that Jeff's head has a high price and Detective Jeff says SOMEONE PAID DECAY!? Decay beats him down, but Storm makes the save. Jeff says he'll be the weatherman and they'll be the Charismatic Storm.

Decay defends the title here. Basic back and forth stuff to start. Nice double sledge by Storm to Abyss. Jeff goes for a swanton to win, but WILLOW RETURNS. Mist and the black hole slam end it. Drew talks about Lashley and how he's glad Lashley won since he can't duck him anymore. We go to a William Corgan concert where Maria says she gave him the playlist because he values her opinion. We get PORTRAIT FOOTAGE SHOT ON A PHONE, and what's worse is the border is non-stop movement. Fuck this.

Drew calls out Lashley and says he's a ghost - he disappears, and he's a coward. Lashley gives him a week of notice before Eli comes out and calls out Drew. Drew-Eli is up. Eli grabs the case, ref grabs it and the claymore kick hits before ending it with the future shock. EC3 says he wants a rematch tonight. Maria makes Jade-Gail tonight. EC3 comes out and cuts a fine promo on Bennett. Bennett and his Wal-Mart getup just don't work. EC3 says he's glad to see him always wearing shades in Doucheville - getting a chant, and calling it a meme. Mike is wearing a purple shirt and purple shoes here. He looks like the lovechild of Sam Axe and Grimace.

Best of the Asylum Years Vol. 2 ad. Gail is mid-ring to face Jade. Sienna is stalking the ringside area. Basic matwork to start. Bridging German gets 2 for Jade. Backslide leads to a lariat for Jade. Over the rope armbar by Jade. Nice kick by Gail knocks Jade onto the apron, and a crossbody to the floor gives Gail the edge. Suicide dive by Jade after Sienna jawjacks with Gail. Sienna attacks Jade with the step swing. Lariat by Sienna to Gail. Elevated cutter takes out Gail. Josh ponders IF THIS IS EARTH 2.

Al Snow does a bit at his wrestling academy, with a super-tiny ring. Al says that all anyone needs now is a dream - like Shera and Grado! Al says he'll do whatever it takes to keep his sport where it should be - he'll be Trump for wrestling, and he's not just gonna let anyone in it. EC3 says it's time to raise the cage and let the ass kicking commence. Al comes out to face Shera. Shera gives him a pounce and Al takes a great bump. Al attacks with a weapon, then hides it. Snow Plow hits, but Grado distracts him and the Sky High ends it. Jeff yells for Willow and finds him and calls him a son of a witch.

Jeff beats up one Willow, but we get a second Willow backstage. Willow 1 saves 2. Conchairto to the metal case for Jeff. WILLOWS!? assaulting Jeff Hardy!? Josh is something else. A super-echoey video of Josh plays hyping up Lashley-Galloway. EC3's road to redemption begins in the cage - against Spud. EC3 whips his ass from pillar to post. Spud gains an edge via cheating and chokes him with his collar. Spud tries to escape through the door, but gets pulled back in. Spud attacks with the collar again and makes a spike out of the buckle - they go for a solid Magnum-Tully recreation, only it's ridiculous due to the size difference. EC3 presses him into the cage. Spud avoids the One Percenter and hits an enzuiguri. No shining wizard, and Spud gets tossed up top before knocking EC3 down, but EC3 comes up and hits kind of a press slam to Spud as he's on the cage. Don't take that bump in TNA! One Percenter ends it. Mike claps and we get a rundown for next week's show.

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