Monday, June 16, 2014

TNA Slammiversary 2014

Crazy Wolves double dive starts off the ladder match, then Tigre DOES A CORKSCREW PLANCHA OFF THE ROPES OVER THE LADDER ONTO THE PILE. Jesus. Davey hits a German to Tigre thanks to Eddie. Youch. Loved the Wolves' ladder usage getting dropkicked by Manik. Steve doing the Terry Funk bit was stupid with everyone just running head-first into the ladder. Great bit with Manik doing a dive off a drop off of it. MOONSAULT ON THE LADDER ruled. Uno's kick off the ladder was a bit stupid. Uno dragging Sanada up the ladder to do ladder bridge stuff was wacky. SUPER POWERBOMB BACKSTABBER! Jesus. Loved the Wolves slugging it out after going like hey, we got no choice bro. CRAZY SUPLEX OVER THE TOP! The sunset bomb onto the ladder bridge was picture perfect. The landing was sick-looking, but safe with Davey's head going between the rungs. This was really short, but at least the match ended with the peak spot. MVP's team said words. Lashley's white gear is a nice nod to his eventual face turn. Lashley and Joe had a pretty good little match - but it wasn't nearly as good as their BFG match years ago. Dixie and JOKER SPUD ruled.

Magnus's new vest is a good look. Willow's gold mask with a giant W on the back makes him look like a Power Rangers character. Magnus and Willow had a nothing match. Willow's Nestea plunge off the top to the floor was stupid, but at least he had 4 dudes to catch him. Magnus won with the Mark of Excellence - YET ANOTHER NEW FINISHER FOR HIM. Angle's announcement of Team 3D going into the HOF was good - I didn't really think of anyone for this, but they deserve it more than a lot of WWE HOFers. Bully's new tattoo is just terrible. YOU'RE 40 AND OVERWEIGHT, DON'T GET A LOT OF TATTOOS! Aries faced the King of the Night, who still spends $20 on his clothes. At least his black and gold gear looks okay. They had easily Kenny's best match in TNA so far - this injury was a net gain to everything since we got a better three-way lineup than the one-on-one match looked like. Plus, anything that puts Aries and Joe in the world title mix is good. With Aries, it also helps set up Option C since he created it and him being in the mix shows it's not just a one-time deal for everyone.

The Von Erich stuff was a lot of fun. Kevin's finally got some grey, and he looks amazing for his age. Given all the shit he's been through, being there with his boys on fathers day on their U.S. national debut. Loved Jesse's cheap heat promo. The 3G Von Erichs are way way way way way green, but this was just  backdrop for Kevin to come in and do shit! OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO AMAZING! The Von Erichs won in Texas and Kevin put the claw on one last time. Wow. This was easily one of the most heartwarming things in TNA history, and something that was a fine bookend for WCCW history - that you can relive on the WWE Network! The backstage promo with the BPs was fine, but WHY DID VELVET GET A GIANT TATTOO ON HER ARM!? Jesus. KOs title match was just a backdrop for an angle with Stifler being a heel ref biased for the BPs.

Bully-EC3 was fine. EC3's yellow and silver gear ruled. They did a bunch of brawling shit and Bully eventually used the cheese grater to the chest. Youch. I dug the callback to the ring tearing stuff from a year ago. 1%er on the boards was a nice tease for a finish. We got glass for this. BUBBA CUTTER ON THE GLASS! Bully called Dixie a bitch and then she took a bump off of EC3 with him taking the brunt of it. Then they teased a table bump for her before Spud made the save and a cane shot gave EC3 the win. This was a clusterfuck. A really long recap for Storm-Anderson aired to kill time while they un-fucked things up. Storm talking shit to the Cowboys was fun - loved him pouring beer on the helmet. They had every TV match ever until Anderson won clean. Well, he's the face...I think.

Loved Lashley moving the steps so he could do his jump in the ring. Lashley's double suplex was a nice start to the match. Aries missed a basement dropkick really badly. Loved EY taking out Lashley with a missile dropkick, and then taking Aries down for 2 with a discus lariat. Aries turning a stacked powerbomb to EY into a corner dropkick to Lashley was nice. Sick suplex into the cage counter to the brainbuster from Lashley. Corner whatever to set up the double FU was botched badly by Aries - who did gain some weight for this. The Double FU spot was a great callback spot for EY, and the perfect thing to do to establish him as world champ. MVP's injury was by far the best thing that could have happened to this show. The Lashley suplex to EY on the cage was a fantastic setup for the Aries super rana and EY flying elbow off the top. Everything in this match more or less made sense, and it made the match so much better. Brainbuster only got 2! Great corkscrew selling from Aries for Lashley's spear got 2. Lashley spearing himself to the floor was another highlight - this match has really overdelivered. The flying elbow to Aries after that was a bit contrived though. Loved the forearm>punch exchange leading to the rolling forearm and the corner dropkick.  It's a real shame Aries isn't the X Division Champion, because this would be the year to do what they did last year with him. EY springing off the cage to counter the brainbuster and hit the piledriver was perfect. TNA continues to book EY better than WWE booked Bryan as champion. This show was a blast!

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