Friday, June 20, 2014

WWE SD 6-20-14

Cena recap starts things off, while a Cena promo begins the show proper with a wacky promo about the year in WWE. It started with Batista, then Bootista, THEN BLUETISTA. Bryan became champ, got hurt, and now THE CHAMP IS HERE! Alberto comes out to say stuff. Then Sheamus does. Heyman lets everyone know that he's excited about the MITB title match and GUARANTEES a new champion - Cesaro. Roman comes out and they recap the Vickie garbage. Roman and Cena did a staredown, which shay pay off at the PPV. Orton came out and everyone brawled. This was a bunch of stuff. Seth came out in his new Escape From New York gear. He takes the top off to work, which further separates him from the Shield days. Seth faces Kofi here, so it should be good. Seth's new back mounted punches are a nice violent touch. Buckle bomb sets up the curb stomp for a quick win. Dean cuts a promo on the tron about focusing on Seth and Kane, and sending them back to Hell - where they belong.

BAD NEWS BARRETT faced Dolph in a match that saw the champion dominate and then Dolph win with a sunset flip. WHAT!? Dolph should only be beating Barrett by finisher - a fluke win doesn't help him seem like a star again and it hurts Barrett. Rose pins Titus in no time flat with a schoolboy, but Titus DEMANDS another match. Rose slaps him and pins him with another schoolboy. I don't know what the point of this was, but everyone came off as less of a star after it. Seth's doing commentary for Kane-Ambrose. Dean's blue jeans and white wifebeater look is his new ring gear. Kane and Ambrose had a bad match before Ambrose brawled with Seth and he ate a chokeslam to lose. Boy is Ambrose coming off rather terribly with all of these either losses or non-wins. Post-match curb stomp doesn't help him any either. Big E squashed Swagger in no time flat.

Summer and Fandango talked backstage - she loves him, they make out, Layla is just stunned! Fandango faces Bo, but first, Summer and Layla brawl, Layla accidentally kicks Fandango and Bo puts his arm around him to set up the Bodog perfectly and get a win. Sure. Why not. This sucked. Wyatts cut a promo and Roman comes out before Cena and Sheamus before they face the wacky Wyatt, Orton, Cesaro, and ADR team. Love seeing Sheamus and Cesaro brawl, and Heyman SCOWL as Sheamus hits the ten beats. ADR comes in to continue his awful rivalry with Sheamus. Orton comes in to brawl with Cena - oh lord. Bray battles Cena some more before the heels trade tags and hit a few blows to Cena. Cesaro gets in for a long time and gets a 2.9 off the Very European Uppercut. Alberto hits his kicks on Cena before Cesaro comes back in and takes out Sheamus. Cena gets a backdrop and makes the tag to Roman - his first chance to get in. Roman hits a Bossman uppercut to set up the sliding dropkick. Superman punch to Bray and he snaps a spear off on ADR to win. Roman is clearly way way way too limited to be the champion right now, unless they take it off of him that night via a cheap case win from Seth that night. This show had a lot of stuff on it, but not much of it was noteworthy or good, and some of it was just WTF-worthy.

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