Friday, June 27, 2014

WWE SD 6-27-14

HHH, Orton, and Seth are mid-ring. They said a bunch of nothing before HHH did his THIRD BNB impression leading up to Barrett-Ambrose. I love Barrett's rope clinching knee/boot combo. Dean's jeans and wifebeater gear works for him, despite being theoretically similar to Harper. They did a terrible chinlock with Barrett's arm nowhere near the throat, and Barrett went for the pumphandle powerslam, but Ambrose escaped and did Nigel's lariat to set up Dirty Deeds and get the win. Swagger comes out and attacks Barrett. The two shoulder smashes into the barricade looked rough, and you can clearly see Zeb trying to get in the way of the second one and the ref giving the X sign when Barrett's down. Swagger and Ambrose brawled a bit before Seth shoved Dean into the steps from behind. 

Sheamus comes out before Bray cuts a promo and works in brown pants. They are quite unsightly and the white pants are a far better look. At least he's got matching shoes. Sheamus took a heck of a bump off the top for a throat thrust/punch from Bray. Love Cole asking "you ever try that in your day?" after the crossbody from Bray. Bray got locked in the cloverleaf and man has he lost weight. Also, the Family got in and caused a DQ before Uso brawling happened.

Paige beat Cameron with the Paige Turner and not the Modified Scorpion Cross Lock She Calls the PTO - Paige's Tap Out. Cameron shoved Naomi into Paige to force them to fight and basically act as a shit-stirrer. Goldust and Stardust did a wacky skit with Byron. I like the Stardust act as a way to continue the Goldust act to some degree after Dustin retires, but it's not amazing right now. Rybaxel faces the Dusts on MITB. RVD and Dolph face Cesaro and ADR next for God knows what reason beyond them being guys in the Title match. Heyman's on commentary and Cole said that he's never had a client win MITB. Heyman points out that he's correct - HE'S NEVER HAD A CLIENT IN ONE BEFORE. Heyman talked politics and Cole buried Hilary Clinton in the process. Heyman buried Cole as a hack, which JBL backs up and Cole says he doesn't get involved in politics leading to JBL asking how he A - got his job and B - kept it. The commentary is so amazing with Heyman out there and him putting over Cesaro at any possible point. Heyman cited HIS CLIENT BROCK LESNAR CONQUERING THE UNDERTAKER'S WRESTLEMANIA STREAK as proof that Cesaro will win at MITB. ADR got the knees up for the frog splash and he floated into the armbar smoothly - this was a fun match that gained a lot with the commentary.

Renee in a cute yellow dress cut a promo with the Usos. Lana and her cleavage talked about Americans being fat, lazy, and impotent. Sin Cara got destroyed by him before Big E cut a street preacher promo that didn't quite come close to his Arsenio Hall impression from Raw. Vickie's deal was recapped. THEDEMONKANE and Roman Reigns had a bad match before Orton came down for a DQ and they both got laid out by spears and Roman held up both belts. This was a good tease to get people thinking he could win, but he is simply not ready to be the top guy now - DANIEL BRYAN can barely have a good match with Kane for goodness sake, and the heel depth is terrible right now.

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