Friday, June 6, 2014

WWE SD 6-6-14

Batista quitting and the Shield splitting are covered in the show-opening recap. Seth still using the riot gear seems weird, as him coming out to HHH's theme. The boo machine is in overdrive here. It is so weird seeing Tyler Black sharing a ring with HHH. Seth's non-explanation was a bit of a wank. Dolph talked shit and was thrown into a match with Seth. JBL said that Seth was truly the architect - HE DESIGNED IT! Cole referenced the HHH interview also being vague. Nice swan dive-style flying knee from Seth. Dolph playing the jobber role against a giant by doing the "climb up the legs" deal is bizarre. Dolph hit the super WT-Factor. TOSSING BUCKLE BOMB led to the curb stomp and the win...with HHH's theme playing. Show talked shit to HHH and Seth, and he gets a match with Orton for his trouble. This was once a PPV main event, and a bad one, and now it's just a nothing TV match. The Usos squash Rybaxel is no time flat. So much for Rybaxel being top contenders - a story told on the PPV less than a week ago. IT IS TIME TO RISE FOR LANA! Rusev killed Woods. Sadly, Woods didn't wear his Apollo Creed getup here. RVD-Cesaro-Barrett have an IC Title match next. Why is RVD in this? HE LOST ON MAIN EVENT!

RVD looked good here doing the apron moonsault dive. Loved Cesaro preventing an RVD win, and then using it as an opening for the Cesaro Lift. Heyman said on commentary that he's grooming Cesaro to be a main eventer at a pace he's comfortable with - that is the perfect explanation for him not shooting to the top with this. Heyman made some great points about Cesaro having the most near-falls and then addressed that Cole should've asked about the issue. Frog splash hits Cesaro, but Barrett using the opening to elbow RVD and pin him - hopefully RVD is used to put over Rollins next. Bray cut a promo saying not much of anything. NXT Takeover vid hyped up Charlotte-Nattie, which is worth the cost of the network alone to see. Nattie faces Alicia in a stiff slappy match. Nattie won Alicia bullied Lilian. Recap of the Bryan deal. Bo came out to face Santino, who clapped along with him. JBL hyped up playing softball with kids, which Cole said was a bit ridiculous and JBL said was technically correct. RUNNING BODOG won. Emma is still with Santino. Bo should brag about beating a former IC and U.S. Champion, although won't, because that would add dialogue to his promos that didn't have Bo in it. Show and his annoyingly thing beard cut a promo about ATTACKING BULLIES. Show and Orton came out really late, ensuring a sub-10 minute main event. Show took a great bump for the draping DDT, but the match was just an excuse for Seth to attack with the flying knee while each hand was tied up with Orton and HHH. RKO set up the curb stomp on a chair - these two have some good chemistry together. There wasn't much to this show, but it accomplished its goal of making Seth look like a credible main event badass without the Shield.

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