Friday, March 6, 2015

NXT 2-18-15

Let's knock down the NXT backlog a bit. Regal cut a great promo to start things off about Owens facing Neville, and a new era beginning. Owens says no one's going to take the title away from him or his family. Graphic for Sasha vs. Blue Pants! Rhyno came down and got a huge pop. They call Rhyno the inventor of the Belly to belly and a gore get a win. Finn's backstage, but he crosses paths with Rhyno. Vaudevillains come down and then The Goombas come out and...I think they might be heels. Maybe Carmella's a heel. Corey buries Enzo for getting a shitty dye job on his beard. Big Cass's boot leads to a tag and the win.

Blake and Murphy cut a promo about Carmella, and now the Goombas are faces again. Carmella in daisy dukes works out fine. Neville talks to JB's clone called Greg about beating Owens to the point where Owens won't be able to forget it. CJ Parker did a goofy protest before Solomon Crowe came down. Corey knew him, but not Albert. Goofy bouncing splash hits. COMING TO YOU FROM THE CLEARANCE RACK, IT'S OLD BLUE PANTS! BP gets 2 off a backslide, but eats a Banks Statement and that's it. Amann talks about Sami suffering multiple blows and they sent him for a CAT scan and allowed him to do the Abu Dabi tour. Owens-Neville is up.

 LONG chinlocks throughout this. AMAZING deadlift German from Neville. Really cool DDT counter from Neville. Neville kicks him to the floor and gets a moonsault off the top - gorgeous! Sliding apron dropkick hits for Neville. 450 OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR gets a holy shit chant. Big running back elbow hits for Owens. Cannonball is met with a superkick and a reverse rana for 2. Red Arrow misses and leads to a pop-up powerbomb for the win.

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