Saturday, March 21, 2015

NXT 3-18-15

NXT IS ON THE ROAD! Riley-Owens hype video starts the show off. The building is set up pretty well, although the lighting is a bit different. Kalisto's out to face Breeze. Fast exchange of spins and kicks. Springboard dive's countered into a dropkick by Breeze. Springboard something led to a supermodel kick for 2. That was sloppy. Enzuiguri hits and a 450 gets 2. Backflip kick from Kalisto, but the Beauty Shot hits for the win. Riley-Owens-Balor video.

JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY a tan thing resembling Alexa Bliss cut a promo. A LONG Arnold Classic video airs. Balor and Riley exchange words. Riley's SERIOUS FACE here was hilarious. Cass faces one of the tag champs next. Champs come out first, followed by the Jersey goombas. Big Cass has new hilarious gear with BIG cASS on it. Cass gets some backdrops and elbows. Distraction schoolboy gets the win for Blake as Cass accidentally knocked Carmella off the apron.

Dana Brooke highlight vid has the most skin on a WWE TV show in ages. Bliss-Banks is up. Not much of a pop for Bliss, and their short match ends with a post shot on the floor. Owens is looking forward to taking out Riley and Balor. Bliss cut a "post-match" promo showing no signs of wear. Riley came out and Owens followed him. Riley basically got squashed here, despite THE RAGE IN THE RIGHT HAND of Riley. Riley took some bumps off the barricade, which sucked since they were welded right into the concrete stage above the ring. Pop-up powerbomb wins. Balor saves Riley, but Owens gets one last shot in for good measure. Fun, but they didn't really do much to hype up the first ever Balor-Owens match all things considered.This was a pretty crappy show.

Screens -


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